Editing Stay Details

Later that evening the following conversation takes place between Janine, the new staff member, and Lara Simpson, the client:

Lara: I have to go see my probation officer at 9:30; could I get a wake-up call about 8:00?

Janine: Definitely. By the way, here at House of Hope, we encourage everyone to help out with keeping the place comfortable. We need to do the laundry, housekeeping, yard work and some office work. Have you already volunteered for a task?

Lara: No, not yet, but I’m willing to help out with laundry or housekeeping.

Janine: Ok, I will put in your wake-up call for 8:00 am. I’ll also assign you a chore and let you know what it is.

Lara: I’ll be in the lounge.

Janine’s challenge:
To add a chore and wake-up call to Lara’s stay.

She opens HIFIS and navigates to Lara’s record by first opening the Front Desk menu, then selecting Reception, which is the day to day operations hub for the House of Hope. She locates Lara’s record in the client list of the Reception window.

Screen shot of client list displayed when Reception window is opened and desired client is selected.

Janine decides to select the Stay Details tab to edit Lara’s stay details to include a wake-up call.

The following screen opens to the List view:

Stay Details screen displaying List view.

Janine selects the Details tab because she finds it easier to work with than the list view. In the Details tab, there is a field to enter Lara’s wake up call. Selecting the Edit Current Record button enables Janine to enter 8:00 in the Wake-up field.

Stay Details screen displaying Details view, with Wake-up field encircled.

Janine notices there were several new buttons in the Stays window and tries them all to find out what they are for. Here is what she discovers:

Overview of New Buttons in Stays Screen

More button
In the Stays window, the More button enables you to go to Programs and Chores.
View stays graphically button
Displays the client’s stays in the form of a bar graph.
Undo Book-outs button
Allows you to undo any book outs.
Merge stay with following stay
Allows you to merge a selected stay with a following stay.


Edit Current Record Button
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