Frank is retired and volunteers at the King Street Food Bank. Several years ago when he lost his job at the factory, Frank had to use the services of a food bank to keep his family fed. Volunteering at the Food Bank lets Frank give back to his community by helping others.

The King Street Food Bank uses HIFIS to record the use of goods and services by clients.

In the Front Desk menu, there are a few screens which Frank uses from time to time as a front-line worker at a food bank. Some of these screens are specific to his work with the food bank, while others may be useful to all HIFIS users.

The Front Desk Menu

Each button in the Front Desk menu opens a window which leads to a client processing task.

The Clients button opens a window which allows you to create a new client record or edit an existing client record. In the image below, the Front Desk menu displays some buttons for client processing tasks which may be used by both shelters and non-shelters.

Screen shot of Front Desk Menu with Waiting Lists, Goods and Services, Questionnaires and Financial Profiles circled.

Select the text below for an explanation of each button.

Waiting Lists Button

Opens the Waiting Lists window. This window can be used if there is a backlog of clients trying to access the same service.

Goods & Services Button

Opens the Goods & Services window. Use this to record a client's use of goods and services such as: clothing, bedding, food, meals, counselling and legal services offered by your facility.

The Food Banks window will be available in future versions of HIFIS. For now, you can use the Food Banks tab in the Goods & Services Button. The Hot/Cold Meals tab allows service providers to keep track of meals served to clients.


Questionnaires are designed by each service provider to collect additional information about clients. The Details tab displays the questions that have been included in the questionnaire and allows the user to fill out the questionnaire on behalf of a client, or to edit the answers provided by a client who has already filled out a questionnaire.

Financial Profiles

This window can be used as a tool to assist the client with basic money management by comparing the client's income to their expenses. The Financial Profiles window is divided in half, with the left side representing information related to the client's income and the right side of the window displaying the information related to the client's expenses.

Once the record is saved, a visual representation of the client's income and non-essential expenses is created. The green part of the bar graph represents the client's income, the red part represents the client's essential expenses, and the yellow represents the client's non-essential expenses. The window also tallies the monthly total of both the income and the expenses, and calculates the amount of disposable income that the client has.

If the Source of Income is Public/Social Assistance, a Social Assistance button will appear under the Income table. Selecting this button will enable you to enter additional information about the Social Assistance.

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