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Review Process

Assessment Criteria

The criteria-based assessment process for evaluating proposals ensures that all project proposals are evaluated objectively against the Terms and Conditions of the Program, labour market needs, availability of funds, and program priorities.

Proposals are assessed, recommended and approved based on the following criteria:

  • eligibility of the applicant;
  • how proposed activities will address identified needs;
  • experience and results achieved in delivering the specified type of activity;
  • degree to which the proposal’s identified needs and proposed activities support program objectives and priorities;
  • means to measure the progress of the participants and the success of project activities;
  • organizational capacity to manage the project, including financial controls;
  • clarity of project objectives, outcomes and scheduled timeframes;
  • expected project results for participants -- the proposal must target a minimum success rate of 80%, of participants served, for the key performance indicators ‘number of participants employed’ and/or ‘number of participants who have returned to school or remained in school’ with an expectation that the majority of successful participants will find employment;
  • proposals are required to leverage a minimum of 20% of total project costs (this includes employers funding their own wage subsidy activities). If required, please consult the following website for the calculation of percentages;
  • demonstration of partner support required for success (may include letters of support from partners, and/or leveraging information and a list of potential employers -including information on the sector and size of employers) with whom participants could be placed; and,
  • value-for-money (e.g. cost per participant below the maximum amount allowed, the amount of contributions from other sources, an expected rate of success surpassing the 80% minimum).

Following the assessment and approval of proposals, applicants will be notified in writing of ESDC/Service Canada's decision. Please note, project recommendation and approval are subject to the availability of funds. In addition, funding of proposals may be approved in part or in their entirety.

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