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3. Review process

These sections outline the criteria used to review your Application for Funding:

The Eligibility Requirements – Mandatory Criteria section indicates what is required for an application to be considered eligible for funding. The eligibility requirements are considered during the screening process. If it does not meet these mandatory criteria, your application will not be considered further and will not be assessed.

The Assessment Criteria section indicates how a variety of elements in your application are weighted in order to evaluate its overall quality in comparison to other projects submitted in this competitive process.

Eligibility Requirements – Mandatory Criteria

1 - Complete Application for Funding

1.1 - The completed Application for Funding was received no later than the stated closing date/time for the CFP, November 24, 2017 at 11:59 pm, Pacific Standard Time (PST).

1.2 - The Application for Funding was signed by the legally authorized representative(s) of the organization (see Develop your Application, Part 4 - Declaration).

1.3 - All required documents are attached to the Application for Funding:

  • A document from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that includes the applicant’s registration number as a not for profit with the CRA (e.g., tax-related documents, CRA correspondence).
  • A letter of intent demonstrating that applicant has secured partnership with a financial institution signed by a designated official of the financial institution, which also provides confirmation of requirements specific to the issuance of loans will be met (see 3.2 and 3.3 below). Note that during the term of the agreement, the recipient must have only one Financial Institution and cannot be changed during the duration of the contribution agreement.
  • Letters confirming all cash and/or in-kind support from contributors (other than financial institutions). Written confirmation of cash or in-kind contributions from sources other than the Government of Canada by the contributing partner(s) is required, and must include the following:
    1. name and contact information of contributing partner organization(s); and
    2. confirmation of committed cash or in-kind contribution to the project.
  • Budget Detail Template

2 - Eligible Recipient

2.1 - The Application for Funding was submitted by an eligible recipient that meets the following requirements (Question 4):

  • is a not for profit organization located outside the province of Quebec; and
  • has the capacity and experience to deliver support services specific to FCR activities to participants (Question 37).

3 - Eligible Project

3.1- The project has a maximum duration of 8 years with a 4 year contribution payment period, and a 4 year loan repayment period.

3.2- For the project, the financial institution will use their own capital to fund loans (confirmed through letter of intent).

3.3 - For the project, the financial institution will meet a minimum private leverage ratio of 2:1 (confirmed through letter of intent).

4 - Budget

4.1 - The total funding from ESDC for the total duration of the project does not exceed $4,000,000.

4.2- Cash and/or in-kind contributions equal to or greater than 15% of eligible project costs, excluding amounts related to the loan guarantee fund, must be provided through sources other than the Government of Canada (which can include the applicant’s own organization). Applicants must provide letters confirming all cash and/or in-kind support from contributors with their application. For further details please see Part 3A - Anticipated Sources of Funding.

5 - Partnership Support

5.1 - For the project, the applicant has secured a partnership with a financial institution to issue loans (confirmed through a letter of intent).

The application must meet all the eligibility requirements stated above in order to be deemed eligible for funding. An application that does not meet one or more of the requirements will be rejected.

Assessment Criteria

Criteria for assessment are, at a minimum, based on:

A – Project Relevance (20%)

A1. Understanding of the Objectives of this CFP and overall relevance of the proposal (refer to Questions 43 and 44) (20%)

Proposals must clearly demonstrate how they meet the objective of this CFP, which is to provide loans and support services to participants undertaking FCR activities so as to improve success in having their credentials recognized and find employment in their original occupations or related ones.

Applicants must also show the degree to which the proposed activities support program objectives, which are:

  • to contribute to developing fair, transparent, consistent, and timely foreign credential assessment and recognition capacity;
  • to develop and strengthen Canada’s foreign credential assessment and recognition capacity; and
  • to contribute to improving labour market integration outcomes of Internationally Trained Individuals (participants) in targeted occupations and sectors.

B – Project Management (50%)

B1. Project Activities, Timelines and Feasibility (refer to Question 44) (20%)

Proposals must provide a clear description of each activity. Activities should be relevant to the project objectives and demonstrate how the project outputs and outcomes will be achieved. Activities should be detailedFootnote 10, measurableFootnote 11, and realisticFootnote 12. Timelines must be clearly established and feasible.

Proposals must demonstrate how the activities meet the mandatory criteria of this CFP (see Eligible Projects and Question 44).

B2. Project Results and Impact (refer to Question 45) (15%)

Results must be specificFootnote 13, concreteFootnote 14 and measurableFootnote 15.

For the purpose of this CFP, projects should demonstrate the following outputs and outcomes:


  • Participants served with support services (e.g. one-on-one career and financial counselling) over the course of the project;
  • Participants issued loans and served support services over the course of the project; and
  • Loans are issued to participants who are women over the course of the project.


  • Participants have their credentials assessed and recognized; and
  • Participants have better employment outcomes.

B3. Results Measurement Indicators (refer to Question 46) (15%)

Proposals must include Results Measurement Indicators. For each results measurement indicator, data collection mechanisms must be provided.

Applicants will be required to report to ESDC using the results measurement indicators, to monitor progress achieved against the project's stated objective(s) over the project lifecycle. Please refer to mandatory performance indicators listed in Question 46.

C – Project Budget (30%)

C1. Project Costs (refer to Part 3) (30%)

The project costs must be eligible, itemized, reasonable and support the project activities.

D – Additional points (Total 15 points)

Additional points may be provided to proposals which:

  • Include an outreach strategy to improve awareness and increase uptake (see Question 44);
  • Provide support services tailored to the needs of immigrant women who face additional barriers to having credentials recognized in comparison to their male counterparts;
  • Confirm, at the time of the application, that they have secured an interest rate for loans from financial institution at prime +2% or lower, to encourage low borrowing costs for participants (in the letters of intent); or
  • Secure a private leverage ratio above the minimum 2:1; meaning for every dollar ($1) issued by a financial institution, less than 50 cents (half of every dollar) is guaranteed under the loan guarantee fund.
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