Canada’s Air Pollutant Emissions Inventory Report 2022: annex 2

In-house estimation methodologies

The in-house emissions estimation methodologies and emission models used in Canada are generally based on those developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) and adapted to use Canadian data, thereby accounting for differences in climate, fuels, technologies and practices. Methods used in Canada’s Air Pollutant Emissions Inventory (APEI) are therefore generally consistent with those used in the United States or those recommended in the EMEP/EEA Air Pollutant Emission Inventory Guidebook (EEA, 2019).

The APEI reports air pollutant emissions from mobile sources such as on-road vehicles, off-road vehicles and engines. For the current edition of the APEI, an emissions estimation model developed by the U.S. EPA (MOVES) was used (see “on-road vehicles” in section A2.4). The emissions for off-road vehicles and engines (such as graders, heavy trucks, outboard motors and lawnmowers) were estimated using the U.S. EPA’s NONROAD emission estimation model (see “off-road vehicles and equipment” in section A2.4). The parameters in both models were modified to take into account variations in the Canadian vehicle fleet, emission control technologies, types of fuels, vehicle standards, and types of equipment engines and their application in various industries. The emissions for civil and international aviation, railways and navigation are estimated using detailed vehicle movement statistics coupled with fuel consumption, engine information, and emission rates by vehicle types.

Section A2.1 through section A2.11 summarize, for each source category, the in-house estimation methodologies for the entire time series. For each source category, these sections provide:

References, Annex 2, In-house estimation methodologies

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