BioKit teaching resources: skills, attitudes and topics

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Whether your starting point is school or the local cub scout hall, you are about to embark on an adventure that is “larger than life”.

Young explorers (students grades 3 to 6, cub scouts, 4-H club, day camps, etc.) and their teachers will be awed by the nature that surrounds them!

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Skills and Attitudes

  • Critical thinking
  • Scientific inquiry (questioning, observing, classifying, interpreting -- observations and data)
  • Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Citizenship
  • Cooperation


Life Science

  • Senses
  • Needs of living things
  • Animal growth and changes
  • Plant growth and changes
  • Habitats and communities
  • Diversity of life
  • Ecosystems and interactions within

Earth Science

  • Daily and seasonal changes
  • Weather

Humans, Environment and Society

  • Human-environment interactions
  • Interdependence of living things
  • Local environmental issues
  • Individual and community solutions and actions in favour of the environment

* Given that Canadian education curriculums vary from province to province, teachers are invited to use this information as a general reference.

What Is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity loss is currently one of the major environmental issues facing us. Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is

  • the variety of species (animals, plants, mushrooms, bacteria, etc.) living on Earth;
  • the variety of individuals of the same species (differences in colour, size, shape, etc.);
  • the variety of ecosystems (forest, marsh, desert, etc.) where these species evolve; and
  • the interactions among the species of the same ecosystem.

What About Us?

We are also part of biodiversity and our actions have major repercussions on ecosystems. Biodiversity is indispensable to our survival; without it, life on Earth would not exist as we know it. We use the products and services of biological diversity every day for food, clothing, shelter, to filter air and soil, in manufacturing our drugs, etc. Although we often take it for granted, biodiversity is seriously threatened, particularly by human activities.

Time for Some Action!

The activities we propose will give your students a better understanding of

  • the relationships among species within an ecosystem;
  • the dangers threatening biodiversity; and
  • the impacts that biodiversity loss can have on our way of life.

The young participants will be encouraged to think about simple actions they can take individually and collectively to protect nature’s bounty.

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