Nature BioKit

Nature BioKit

Will you be visiting a national park or heading out to the country? Are you interested in unlocking a few of nature's mysteries during your visit? Then this activity-filled BioKit is for you! A diagnostic tool to evaluate the biodiversity of the site that you are exploring and tips on how to take action are also provided.

Using the BioKits couldn’t be easier!

  • Choose your destination.
  • Download the format of your choice (letter or logbook)
  • Print the BioKit.
  • Take it outside, read the first page and get going!

And don't forget! You can reuse your BioKit as often as you like simply by printing out the appropriate diagnosis annex.

How to print the letter format on two sides:

If you have access to a printer with the automatic two-sided option, you can simply print the entire document, following your printer’s instructions. Then staple the document.

If not, follow these steps:

  1. Print the odd-numbered pages of the PDF document.
  2. Print the even-numbered pages on the other side of the odd-numbered pages, according to your printer’s instructions.
  3. Staple the document.

Download Nature BioKit letter format (PDF 4 MB)

How to print the logbook format:

As it is a two-sided document, you must have access to a printer with the automatic two-sided option!

  1. Under File choose Print.
  2. In the Page Handling section, select the Booklet Printing option in the Page Scaling scroll down menu.
  3. Print the entire document.
  4. Fold the document in half, making sure to put the cover page on top.
  5. Staple the document near the centre fold.

Download Nature BioKit logbook format (PDF 4 MB)


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