Biosphere exhibitions

© Environment and Climate Change Canada, 2017

The Biosphère distinguishes itself by its interactive and educational exhibitions which are aimed at increasing understanding of major environmental issues such as air, water, biodiversity, climate change, sustainable development and more. Visit our permanent and temporary exhibitions to discover new ways to reduce your ecological footprint!

Planet MTL


© Environment and Climate Change Canada, 2017

Montreal, an innovative, dynamic, culturally rich and festive metropolis in Quebec, is facing major challenges. During your visit, a three-dimensional interactive model and a breathtaking 360° fresco will also immerse you in the heart of Montreal and the issues it faces.

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Echo 67


© Keith Clark, Hamilton, Canada

Echo 67 presents the environmental and cultural legacy of Expo 67. Pictures, stories, anecdotes and artifacts from the event will make older visitors nostalgic and inspire younger ones.

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Naturally Canadian


© Paul PG / 500px, 2016

Discover Canada through the lens of Canadian photographers. Iconic landscapes, biodiversity, oceans and the Far North are displayed in an exceptional outdoor photo exhibit.

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Design the Future

NUMIX 2016 Award-Winning Production

© Environment Canada, 2015

The immersive show “Design the Future” invites you to reconnect with the natural environment around us and grasp the importance of drawing inspiration from nature in order to adapt to climate change. Come enjoy an uplifting multi-sensory experience!

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Eyes on the Arctic


© Michelle Valberg, 2011

The United States and Canada have been working together for 150 years to protect and develop the Arctic. Discover Arctic residents’ extraordinary way of life and the common environmental challenges we face.

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Habitats 2067


© Anders Berensson Architects, 2015

Through a colourful and interactive journey, discover how to build futuristic, eco-responsible neighbourhoods inspired by Moshe Safdie’s vision.

Learn more on Habitats 2067

This is not an Umbrella : Science and Art of Weather

© Environment and Climate Change Canada, 2016

Weather influences our daily life, our culture and our mood! But do we really understand the science behind the weather? This amazing exhibit looks at planetary phenomena related to the science of weather.

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© Environment Canada, 2013

Since you are an experienced researcher, the Biosphere needs you. Your mandate: Determine whether air pollution or water pollution is more harmful to the environment. Ready, set, go!

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+ 1°C : What difference does it make?


© Environment Canada, 2011

In life-sized videos,scientists answer your questions about one of the great planetary issues of the 21st century: climate change. Observe natural, meteorological and climatic phenomena on a giant interactive globe of the Earth.

Learn more on + 1°C : What difference does it make?

Renewable Energy: Time to Decide

© Environment and Climate Change Canada, 2017

The “Renewable Energy: Time to Decide” exhibit presents the global energy issues of the 21st century. Come discover the technologies behind today’s renewable energies, as well as how they are implemented at municipal and global levels. Come reflect on the question: Is it possible to have a world working 100% on renewable energy by 2050?

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Spaceship Earth

© Environment Canada, 2015

Immerse yourself in the world view of Richard Buckminster Fuller, the man who designed the Biosphere’s geodesic dome. An inventor ahead of his time, Fuller popularized the concept of “Spaceship Earth” as a metaphor for the fact that we live on a planet with limited resources. Are you on board?

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