2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement: annex 2

Annex 2

  1. Purpose
  2. Programs and Other Measures
  3. Lakewide Action and Management Plans
  4. Reporting

A. Purpose

The purpose of this Annex is to contribute to the achievement of the General and Specific Objectives of this Agreement by assessing the status of each Great Lake, and by addressing environmental stressors that adversely affect the Waters of the Great Lakes which are best addressed on a lakewide scale through an ecosystem approach.

B. Programs and Other Measures

The Parties, in cooperation and consultation with State and Provincial Governments, Tribal Governments, First Nations, M├ętis, Municipal Governments, watershed management agencies, other local public agencies, and the Public, shall undertake the following lakewide management actions:

C. Lakewide Action and Management Plans

The Parties shall document and coordinate these management actions through the development of Lakewide Action and Management Plans (LAMP) for each Great Lake as follows:

The Parties shall issue a LAMP for each Great Lake every five years. When the LAMP is issued, the Parties shall provide a copy to the Commission for advice and recommendations.

The Parties shall provide brief annual updates to the Public on each LAMP.

D. Reporting

The Parties shall report on progress toward implementation of this Annex every three years through the Progress Report of the Parties.

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