Movement documents for hazardous waste or recyclables

This is one of several fact sheets that provide guidance about shipping hazardous waste (HW) and hazardous recyclable material (HRM) across international borders.  Check out other Fact Sheets at

Movement documents are required under the Export and Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations (EIHWHRMR) and the Basel Convention to:

  • Ease border crossings.
  • Track shipments to their authorized destination for disposal or recycling.
  • Report on actual transboundary movement of HW and HRM.

Refer to the following sections of the Regulations for all movement document requirements:

  • Exports       Sec. 10 - 14
  • Imports       Sec.  17 - 21
  • Transits      Sec. 23 - 32
  • Returns       Sec. 35
  • ALL           Sec. 36

NB: these reference numbers are subject to change.

Section 10 of the User Guide provides detailed information to help you walk through each step.

Getting Started

Obtain a pre-numbered movement document from the appropriate provincial or territorial authority or the Waste Reduction and Management Division. Foreign nationals/companies may obtain movement documents for transits through Canada, but not for Canadian imports or exports. Canadian importers of HW and HRM from the USA may obtain and provide the document to the American exporter.  Use a Multiple Carrier Form when more than one carrier will be used.

Check-list to ease border crossings

  • All carbon copies of the movement document and copies of the permit or other attachments are legible.
  • Box 8 of the movement document has units.  Canada and the United States use different weights and measures.  Use litres or kilograms.
  • Box 11 of the movement document matches those contained in the attached permit (Notice Number and Notice Line Number.)


  • Review all boxes in Part A against the accompanying permit to ensure accuracy and completeness of the movement document.
  • Ensure that Box 8 contains a sound estimate of quantity being shipped.
  • Sign in Box 20 and date in Box 21.
  • Ensure information is legible on all 6 copies.
  • Ensure that all attached documents are legible.


  • Sign and date Box 26.
  • Provide legible attachments and carbon copies to next Carrier or Receiver.


  • Ensure that Box 31 contains an accurate quantity of material received in litres or kilograms.
  • Sign in Box 37.

Close the loop

  • Permit holdermust send the completed movement document to the Minister ( and each authorized carrier within 3 days of the shipment being delivered to the approved authorized facility.
  • Authorized facility to confirm disposal or recycling of the HW or HRM in accordance with Section 36 of the Regulation.

Movement document
Movement document

Image is of a form titled Movement Document / Manifest that accompanies shipments of hazardous waste from their origin to their destination. Part A contains fields to be completed by the Generator of the waste. Part B has fields to be completed by the Carrier(s) of the shipment. Part C has fields to be completed by the Receiver of the waste. The form highlights nine issues or items that are frequently missed or completed incorrectly, specifically: 1. Everything is legible on all 6 copies and attachments 2. All company names and addresses match those contained in the permit 3. Sound estimate with units provided 4. Notice No. and Line No. match permit 5. Codes match those for the Line No. in the permit 6. Generator: signed and dated 7. Carrier: signed and dated 8. Accurate quantity with units provided 9. Receiver: signed, dated, and confirmation sent to Minister

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