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Roles and responsibilities

Permit holders are responsible for ensuring fulfilment of all terms of the permit from the time the hazardous waste (HW) and hazardous recyclable material (HRM) leave their place of origin to the time they are recycled or disposed or returned.

If the HW or HRM cannot be disposed or recycled in accordance with the permit, the permit holder must inform the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada and ensure return to the facility from which it was shipped or rerouting of the shipment to an authorized facility for disposal or recycling in the country where it was refused. Permit requirements are fulfilled only once confirmation of disposal or recycling is received from the importer or the return has been completed.

Refer to the Regulations for detailed requirements:

Before transport

After obtaining your permit and before you make a shipment you must obtain a movement document form that will have a reference number in top right corner. The movement document allows Canada and other jurisdictions to track international shipments of hazardous wastes (HW) and hazardous recyclable materials (HRM), and is made up of three parts:

  • Part A must be completed by the consignor: Canadian exporter or foreign exporter.
  • Part B must be completed by all carriers involved in transporting the HW and HRM.
  • Part C must be completed by the consignee: Canadian importer or foreign receiver.

Canadian importers and exporters are responsible for ensuring that copies of the movement document are properly completed and sent to the foreign importer/exporter, to the appropriate authorities (Environment and Climate Change Canada and the province or territory) and to the authorized carrier(s).

Some jurisdictions may have similar documents or require copies of this movement document. It is the responsibility of the Canadian importer/exporter to ensure that documentation requirements of provincial, territorial, and other jurisdictions are met.

Obtain a pre-numbered movement document from the appropriate provincial or territorial authority or by contacting the Waste Reduction and Management Division of ECCC at one of the addresses below. Foreign nationals/companies may obtain movement documents for transits through Canada, but not for Canadian imports or exports. Canadian importers of HW and HRM from the USA must obtain and provide the movement document to the American exporter to track its shipment to the Canadian facility.

Ensure that details contained in Part A of the movement document match those contained in the permit and use a Multiple Carrier Form when more than one carrier will be used. Any differences in information between the permit and the movement document or multiple carrier form could lead to delays or refusal at the border.

A maximum of four types of hazardous wastes/recyclables may be listed on a movement document for a single shipment between two authorized facilities. If more than four waste/recyclable types are to be transported during the same shipment, use additional movement documents and note the reference number on all additional documents.

Shipments by rail

A rail consist may be used during transport if it has the same information contained in the movement document, and uses the same units of measurement shown on the permit.

During transport

To ease border crossings, ensure that the movement document and all attachments are legible and are completed at the time of transfer between shipper, carrier(s) and receivers.


  • Complete Part A and compare against the accompanying permit to ensure accuracy of the movement document.
  • Ensure that Box 8 contains a sound estimate of the quantity being shipped in litres or kilograms.
  • Ensure that Box 11 matches permit details.
  • Sign in Box 20, and date in Box 21.
  • Ensure information is legible on all 6 copies of the movement document.
  • Ensure that all attached documents and any copies are legible.
  • Send Copy 1 to the Minister within three working days (and a copy of it to other jurisdictions, if required.)
  • Retain Copy 2 for your records.


  • Ensure that Copies 3, 4, 5, and 6 accompany the shipment throughout the transport.
  • Complete Part B at the time of transfer to the consignee or the next carrier. Use the multiple carriers form if needed.
  • Sign and date Box 26.
  • Provide all four copies to the Consignee, or to the next Carrier.
  • Provide a duplicate of the movement document and the permit to border officials, if requested.
  • Retain the final version of Copy 4 for your records when it is received from the Consignee (see below).


  • Complete Part C.
  • Ensure that Box 31 contains an accurate quantity of material received in litres or kilograms.
  • Sign in Box 37.
  • Send Copy 3 to the Minister (and a copy of it to other jurisdictions, if required.)
  • Distribute Copies 4 and 6 to the authorized carrier(s).
  • Retain Copy 5 for your records.


If the shipment cannot be completed as planned due to a refusal at the border, or by the authorized facility, or due to other circumstances, you must immediately inform the Minister and arrange for either return or rerouting of the waste in accordance with the Regulation; in the case of a return, the shipment must be returned to the facility from which it came.

Document retention

Canadian exporters, importers and authorized carriers must keep a copy of the movement document at their principal place of business in Canada for a period of three years after the day on which the HW or HRM enters or leaves Canada.

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