Round 7 clean-up projects: Lake Simcoe

Projects in various locations within the Lake Simcoe Watershed

Project Name: Community Stream Stewardship Program - Lake Simcoe Initiative

Project Proponent: Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

Description:  This project will use a long-standing methodology of engagement and stewardship that facilitates community participation and environmental stewardship capacity within the Lake Simcoe watershed. In collaboration with other Lake Simcoe stakeholders, projects will serve to reduce excessive nutrients, enhance monitoring of waterways, and rehabilitate priority fish habitat. Project locations are dependent upon landowner participation; however, the focus will be on cold water tributaries such as the Black River, Pefferlaw Brook, Uxbridge Brook, and Beaver River.

Project Name: Evaluating Fragmentation of Habitats and Flow Status for Lake Simcoe Tributaries 

Project Proponent: Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Description: This project will fill major data gaps needed to develop a standardized approach to rank and classify the capacity of the streams within the Lake Simcoe watershed to receive and assimilate phosphorous without harm to aquatic life.  Information from this modeling project will assist management agencies identify high priority stream restoration projects around the Lake Simcoe watershed.

Project Name: Lake Simcoe Nearshore Applied Ecology Program

Project Proponent: Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Description: This project builds on existing efforts to better understand the shallow water zone of Lake Simcoe in terms of phosphorous loading and aquatic ecosystem condition by using plants, algae, and zooplankton as indicators of health. It will also measure changes in nutrient concentrations in lake-bottom muck, environmental causes of phosphorous release to the lake, and provide insight into the reduction of phosphorous loads.  Information from this work is required to advance the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan, assist in holistic lake management, as well as for setting and evaluating recovery objectives for Lake Simcoe aquatic ecosystem.

Project Name: Development of True Annual Tributary Phosphorous Loads

Project Proponent: Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Description: This project will provide the most accurate annual tributary phosphorous loads to date for two large rivers (East Holland River and Beaver River) that flow into Lake Simcoe by installing automatic samplers to continuously retrieve water samples. The measured nutrient concentrations will be linked with flow data to calculate phosphorous loads to Lake Simcoe in order to assess the health of the Lake and evaluate the success of remediation measures.

Lake-wide Projects

Project Name: Sediment resuspension and internal phosphorous loading in Lake Simcoe

Project Proponent: University of Toronto

Description: This project will use field measurements and modeling tools to characterize the internal phosphorous loading resulting from strong internal seiches (water movement) in Lake Simcoe. This work will address a critical gap of knowledge in contemporary efforts to improve the existing estimates of internal phosphorous loading. The role of lakebed turbulence in the transport of phosphorous from lake sediments into the water column relates to water quality management and effective restoration of Lake Simcoe.

Projects Near Aurora

Project Name: Constructing an Engineered Wetland to Control Urban Runoff

Project Proponent: The Corporation of the Town of Aurora

Description: This engineered wetland will be the first of its kind in Ontario demonstrating innovative technology in the treatment of urban runoff from 58 hectares of developed lands. It is estimated that 60 kilograms of phosphorous per year will be diverted from entering a tributary of the East Holland River and subsequently Lake Simcoe. 

Projects Near Bradford and West Gwillimbury

Project Name: Scanlon Creek Subwatershed Implementation

Project Proponent: Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Description: This project will complete stewardship projects within the Scanlon Creek subwatershed to reduce phosphorous inputs to Scanlon Creek and improve fish habitat. The project will include information mailings, workshops, and 5-10 stewardship projects.

Projects Near Georgina

Project Name: Spring House Lake Shore Erosion Control Project

Project Proponent: The Corporation of the Town of Georgina

Description: This project involves constructing a boulder revetment and undertaking plantings and live-staking of native species cuttings along the shore to improve fish habitat and to coincide with the restoration of a building as a public education site.

Projects Near Keswick 

Project Name: Restore the Shore 2011 Community Project

Project Proponent: Elmhurst Beach Association

Description:  This project will restore approximately 1000 feet of Lake Simcoe shoreline to a more naturalized state by introducing boulders, removing the breakwall and introducing plants and trees to establish a buffer strip which will reduce phosphorous inputs and improve nearshore fish habitat.

Projects Near Newmarket 

Project Name:  Storm Water Retrofit Using New Technology (Phase 2) - George Richardson Park - Newmarket

Project Proponent: Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Description:  This ongoing project will complete the excavation and establishment of a storm water sediment forebay and main cell pond at an existing storm water management pond.  Retrofitting the existing pond and use of the red sand filter will help reduce the loading of phosphorous into Lake Simcoe from Eastern Creek, a tributary of the East Holland River.

Project Name: Western Creek Bank Stabilization Project

Project Proponent: Private Landowner

Description: This project will stabilize a streambank using bioengineering techniques, including the installation of river stone along the shore and native shoreline grasses and wildflowers along the banks and riparian area. Creek bed enhancement will include the installation of boulders along the banks to promote fish habitat.

Projects Near Orillia 

Project Name: Oro Medonte Best Management Practices

Project Proponent: Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Description: This project will offer funding incentives, project coordination and technical assistance for landowners interesting in undertaking environmentally beneficial projects in the Oro Creeks subwatershed which will reduce phosphorous inputs to Lake Simcoe and improve fish habitat.

Projects Near Ramara Township

Project Name: Ramara Creek Stewardship BMPs - Phase 2

Project Proponent: Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

Description:  This project will address the ongoing interest the community has shown for undertaking environmental projects, and will offer additional funding incentives, project coordination and technical assistance for completing beneficial management practices to reduce phosphorous entering Ramara Creek and Lake Simcoe.

Projects Near Simcoe County 

Project Name: Enhanced Lake Simcoe Community Stewardship Program - Phase 2

Project Proponent: Dufferin-South Simcoe Land Stewardship Network

Description: This project will provide financial incentives to help landowners implement “best management practices” to divert phosphorous inputs to the lake or watercourse and/or enhance fish and wildlife habitat. Projects will include, but are not limited to, livestock exclusion, alternate water sources for livestock, nutrient or run-off management improvement projects, lake shore and riparian shoreline restoration, septic system replacement and retrofits. It will also support existing and new community-based, demonstration, and pilot program initiatives that strengthen public interest, participation in environmental stewardship activities within the watershed, and provide technical advice to landowners.

Projects Near Uxbridge

Project Name: Coxlyn Farms Ltd. Dry Manure Storage

Project Proponent: Coxlyn Farms Ltd.

Description:  This project involves the construction of a covered, solid manure storage facility for 120 Holstein heifers and dry cows.  This project will significantly reduce the levels of phosphorous and other nutrients associated with cow manure from entering Lake Simcoe and its tributaries.  


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