Lake Winnipeg Basin Program: reports and publications

Lake Winnipeg Basin Program Science Highlights 2017-2022

This summary highlights the science activities funded through the Lake Winnipeg Basin Program from 2017-2022.

Lake Winnipeg Basin Program Science Highlights 2017-2022

State of Lake Winnipeg, second edition

The inaugural State of the Lake report, published in 2011, was the first comprehensive assessment of Lake Winnipeg and documented the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the lake between 1999 and 2007.

This second edition presents updated information on Lake Winnipeg’s climate and hydrology, water quality, and biology. The information from this report will help guide decision making for the management and protection of the lake.

State of Lake Winnipeg, second edition: highlights

State of Lake Winnipeg, second edition: technical report (PDF; 32.4 MB)

Lake Winnipeg indicators

Canada and Manitoba, as parties to the Memorandum of Understanding Respecting Lake Winnipeg and the Lake Winnipeg Basin, committed to a cooperative and co-ordinated approach to understand and protect the water quality and ecological health of Lake Winnipeg and its basin. As part of that agreement, Canada and Manitoba agreed to adopt appropriate indicators for assessing the status and trends in the ecosystem health of Lake Winnipeg.

Introduction factsheet (PDF; 447 kB)

Fish populations factsheet (PDF; 420 kB)

Lake Winnipeg infographic

Long description

Lake Winnipeg

  • The 11th largest freshwater lake in the world
  • Shoreline is 1,750 km long (Kenora to Banff)
  • 1 river outlet, Nelson River flows into Hudson Bay
  • 4.5 times the size of Prince Edward Island
  • Drainage basin covers nearly 10% of Canada’s surface area
  • Receives water from an area close to 1,000,000 km2 in size
  • Has a basin that includes portions of 4 Canadian provinces and 4 American states
  • Close to 7 million people live in the Lake Winnipeg Basin
  • Basin contains 5 of Canada’s twenty largest cities
  • Half of the basin is used for agricultural production

Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative phase II final report: executive summary

This report highlights Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative activities during Phase II (2012-2017). It includes an overview of accomplishments achieved through Science, Stewardship and Transboundary Partnerships.

Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative phase II final report: executive summary


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