MANAB Manual of Word Abbreviations: search

Abbreviation Term
Z Zulu (UTC) Universal Time Coordinated
YK Yukon
YDA Yesterday
XTRMLY Extremely
XTRM Extreme
XTRAP Extrapolation
XTNSVLY Extensively
XTNSV Extensive
XTNDG Extending
XTNDD Extended
XTND Extend
XTMDN Extention
XPOSG Exposing
XPOSD Exposed
XPOS Expose
XPNDN Expansion
XPNDG Expanding
XPNDD Expanded
XPND Expand
XNG Crossing
XMITN Transmission
XMITG Transmitting
XMITD Transmitted
XMIT Transmit
WY Wyoming
WX Weather
WVS Waves
WV West Virginia
WV Wave
WTSPTS Waterspouts
WTSPT Waterspout
WTRS Waters
WTR Water
WTN Within
WT Weight
WSWX Winter Severe Weather
WSW West-Southwest
WSHFT Wind Shift
WS Wind Shear
WRSNG Worsening
WRSN Worsen
WRS Worse
WRNG Warning
WRN Warn
WRN Western
WRMR Warmer
WRMG Warming
WRM Warm
WO Without
WNW West-Northwest
WND Wind
WLY Westerly
WKR Weaker
WKNG Weakening
WKN Weaken
WK Weak
WID Width
WI Wisconsin
WED Wednesday
WDSPRD Widespread
WDR Wider
WDLY Widely
WD Wide
WB Wet Bulb
WAA Warm Air Advection
WA Washington
W West
VV Vertical Velocity
VT Vermont
VRY Very
VRTNS Variations
VRTN Variation
VRISL Vancouver Island
VRG Veering
VRD Veered
VRBLY Variably
VRB Variable
VR Veer
VPR Vapour
VORT Vorticity
VLYS Vallies
VLY Valley
VLNTLY Violently
VLNT Violent
VLD Valid
VISLY Visually
VISL Visual
VISBL Visible
VIS Visibility
VICISL Victoria Island
VIA By way of, Via
VFYN Verification
VFYG Verifying
VFYD Verified
VFY Verify
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VERTCLY Vertically
VERT Vertical
VCSS Sandstorm in Vicinity
VCSH Shower (Any Type) in Vicinity
VCPO Sand Whirls in Vicinity
Dust Whirls in Vicinity Tourbillon de poussière dans les environs
VCPO Visual Flight Rules
VCFG Fog (Any Type) In Vicinity
VCDS Duststorm In Vicinity
VCBLSN Blowing Snow In Vicinity
VCBLSA Blowing Sand In Vicinity
VCBLDU Blowing Dust In The Vicinity
VC Vicinity
VA Volcanic Ash
VA Virginia
UTC Universal Time Coordinated
UT Utah
USBL Usable
URGLY Urgently
URG Urgent
UPWND Upwind
UPSTRM Upstream
UPSLP Upslope
UPR Upper
UPDFTS Updrafts
UPDFT Updraft
UNSTDY Unsteady
UNSTBL Unstable
UNSKED Unscheduled
UNSETLD Unsettled
UNSETL Unsettle
UNRELY Unreliably
UNREL Unreliable
UNLTD Unlimited
UNLS Unless
UNLKLY Unlikely
UNLK Unlike
UNKN Unknown
UNAVBL Unavailable
UNA Unable
UFN Until Further Notice
UAS Routine PIREPs
UA Upper Air
UA Routine PIREP
TYPHS Typhoons
TYPH Typhoon
TYP Type Of Aircraft
TX Texas
TWRG Towering
TWLGT Twilight
TWD Toward
TWB Transcribed Weather Broadcast
TURB Turbulence
TUKPEN Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula
TUE Tuesday
TSFRG Transferring
TSFRD Transferred
TSFR Transfer
TS Thunderstorms
TS Thunderstorm
TRS Traces
TRRN Terrain
TROWAL Trough Of Warm Air Aloft
TROPCL Tropical
TROP Tropopause
TROF Troughs
TROF Trough
TRMLS Terminals
TRML Terminal
TRKS Tracks
TRKG Tracking
TRKD Tracked
TRK Track
TRFC Traffic
TRAJS Trajectories
TRAJ Trajectory
TR Trace
TPG Topping
TNGT Tonight
TNDCY Tendency
TN Tennessee
TMW Tomorrow
TLTP Teletype
TKOF Take-Off
TILL Until
THU Thursday
THSDS Thousands
THSD Thousand
THRUT Throughout
THRU Through
THRMLY Thermally
THRML Thermal
THRFTR Thereafter
THNR Thinner
THNG Thinning
THNC Thence
THN Thin
THKR Thicker
THKNG Thickening
THKN Thicken
THK Thick
TEPHIS Tephigrams
TEPHI Tephigram
TEMPO Temporary
TELS Telephones
TELECOM Telecommunication
TEL Telephone
TECRS Technical Reasons
TECR Technical Reason
TECHS Technicians
TECHLY Technically
TECHL Technical
TECH Technician
TDA Today
TD Dewpoint
TCU Towering Cumulus
TC Tropical Cyclones
TC Tropical Cyclone
TAF Aerodrome Forecasts
TAF Aerodrome Forecast
T Temperatures
T Temperature
SYS Systems
SYS System
SYNO Synopsis, Synoptic
SXNS Sections
SXN Section
SWVS Shortwaves
SWV Shortwave
SWRN Southwestern
SWLY Southwesterly
SW Southwest
SVRL Several
EVAPG Evaporating
SUPSDG Superseding
SUPSDD Superseded
SUPSD Supersede
SUPRTG Supporting
SUPRTD Supported
SUPRT Support
SUPR Superior
SUPPLS Supplements
SUPPLG Supplementing
SUPPLD Supplemented
SUPPL Supplement
SUN Sunday
SUGN Suggestion
SUGG Suggesting
SUGD Suggested
SUG Suggest
STRS Straits
STRMS Streams
STRMG Streaming
STRMD Streamed
STRM Stream
STRBI Strait Of Belle Isle
STR Strait
STPG Stopping
STPD Stopped
STP Stop
STNS Stations
STN Station
STMS Storms
STM Storm
STLAWR St. Lawrence
STGTNG Strengthening
STGTND Strengthened
STGTN Strengthen
STGT Strength
STGR Stronger
STGLY Strongly
STG Strong
STFRM Stratiform
STFD Staffed
STDYLY Steadily
STDY Steady
STDS Standards
STD Standard
STBL Stable
STATS Statistics
STAGS Stagnants
STAG Stagnant
ST Stratus
SSWX Summer Severe Weather
SSW South-Southwest
SSE South-Southeast
SS Sandstorm
SRN Southern
SRG Short Range
SRCS Sources
SRC Source
SQNC Sequence
SQLN Squall Lines
SQLN Squall Line
SQ Squalls
SQ Squalls
SPRLS Spirals
SPRLG Spiralling
SPRLD Spiralled
SPRL Spiral
SPRDG Spreading
SPRDD Spreaded
SPRD Spread
SPKLS Sprinkles
SPKLG Sprinkling
SPKLD Sprinkled
SPKL Sprinkle
SPECI Specials
SPECI Aerodrome Special Meteorological Report
SPD Speed
SNST Sunset
SNSQ Snow Squalls
SNSQ Snow Squall
SNRS Sunrise
SNFLS Snowfalls
SNFL Snowfall
SN Snow
SMWHT Somewhat
SMTM Sometimes
SMTH Smooth
SMRY Summary
SML Small
SLY Southerly
SLPG Sloping
SLPD Sloped
SLP Slope
SLP Sea Level Pressure
SLOLY Slowly
SLOG Slowing
SLOD Slowed
SLO Slow
SLKRS Selkirks Mountains
SLGTLY Slightly
SLGT Slight
SKEDS Schedules
SKEDG Scheduling
SKEDD Scheduled
SKED Schedule
SKC Sky Clear
SK Sky Condition (PIREP)
SK Saskatchewan
SITUS Situations
SITU Situation
SIMULY Simultaneously
SIMUL Simultaneous
SIGWX Significant Weather
SIGNTRS Signatures
SIGNTR Signature
SIGMET Information Concerning En-Route Weather Phenomena Which May Affect The Safety Of Aircraft Operations
SIGLY Significantly
SIG Significant
SI Stability Index
SHUD Should
SHTDN Shutdown
SHSN Snow Showers
SHSN Snow Shower
SHRTLY Shortly
SHRT Short
SHRS Shores
SHRA Rain Showers
SHRA Rain Shower
SHR Shore
SHPL Ice Pellet Showers
SHPL Ice Pellet Shower
SHLW Shallow
SHGS Snow Pellet Showers
SHGS Snow Pellet Shower
SHGR Hail Showers
SHGR Hail Shower
SHFTG Shifting
SHFTD Shifted
SHFT Shift
SH Showers
SH Shower
SGLS Signals
SGL Signal
SG Snow Grains
SFCS Surfaces
SFC Surface
SF Stratus Fractus
SEV Severe
SETLG Settling
SETLD Settled
SETL Settle
SETG Setting
SERS Services
SERN Southeastern
SER Service
SEP September
SELY Southeasterly
SELN Selection
SELG Selecting
SELD Selected
SEL Select
SECTS Sectors
SECT Sector
SEC Second (Time)
SE Southeast
SD South Dakota
SCTG Scattering
SCT Scattered, Scatter
SCND Second (Next)
SC Stratocumulus
SC South Carolina
SBSDNC Subsidence
SBSDG Subsiding
SBSDD Subsided
SBSD Subside
SBJVLY Subjectively
SBJV Subjective
SATS Satellites
SATCOM Satellite Communication
SAT Satellite
SAR Search And Rescue
S South
RWYS Runways
RWY Runway
RVSN Revision
RVSG Revising
RVSD Revised
RVS Revise
RVR Runway Visual Range
RUFLY Roughly
RUF Rough
RTS Routes
RTRNG Returning
RTRND Returned
RTRN Return
RTHR Rather
RTDG Delaying
RTDD Delayed
RTD Retard, Late
RTD Delay
RT Route
RSTRNS Restrictions
RSTRN Restriction
RSTRG Restricting
RSTRD Restricted
RSTR Restrict
RSNS Reasons
RSN Reason
RSG Rising
RRT Rainfall Rate
RQRMT Requirement
RQRG Requiring
RQRD Required
RQR Require
RPTLY Repeatedly
RPTG Repeating
RPTD Repeated
RPT Repeat
RPLCNT Replacement
RPLCG Replacing
RPLCD Replaced
RPLC Replace
RPDLY Rapidly
RPD Rapid
ROTN Rotation
ROTG Rotating
ROTD Rotated
ROT Rotate
ROFORS Route Forecasts
ROFOR Route Forecast
RMNG Remaining
RMND Remained
RMN Remain
RMKS Remarks
RMK Remark
RLTVLY Relatively
RLTV Relative
RLSG Releasing
RLSD Released
RLS Release
RLBLY Reliably
RLBL Reliable
RLAG Relaying
RLAD Relayed
RLA Relay
RI Rhode Island
RH Relative Humidity
RGS Ranges
RGNS Regions
RGN Region
RG Range
RFRMS Reforms
RFRM Reform
RFCNS Reflections
RFCN Reflection
RFCG Reflecting
RFCD Reflected
RFC Reflect
REQS Requests
REQ Request
REPS Reports
REPD Reported
REP Report
REGLY Regularly
REG Regular
REFS References
REF Reference
RE Recent
RDR Radar
RDO Radio
RDL Radial
RDGS Ridges
RDG Ridge
RCVG Receiving
RCVD Received
RCV Receive
RCPTN Reception
RCMDN Recommendation
RCMDG Recommending
RCMDD Recommended
RCMD Recommend
RCKY Rockies
RCHG Reaching
RCHD Reached
RCH Reach
RAWIN Upper Wind From Radiosonde Observation
RAREPS Radar Reports
RAREP Radar Report
RAOB Radiosonde Observation
RAG Ragged
RADNS Radiations
RADN Radiation
RAD Radius
RA Rain
QUADS Quadrants
QUAD Quadrant
QTRS Quarters
QTR Quarter
QS Quasi-Stationary
QPF Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
QNTYTVLY Quantitatively
QNTYTV Quantitative
QNTY Quantity
QC Quebec
PWR Power
PVLT Prevalent
PVLNC Prevalence
PVLG Prevailing
PVLD Prevailed
PVL Prevail
PVA Positive Vorticity Advection
PUBLY Publicly
PUB Public
PTS Points
PTNS Portions
PTNLY Potentially
PTNL Potential
PTN Portion
PTLY Partly
PTCHS Patches
PTCH Patch
PT Point
PSNS Positions
PSN Position
PSG Passage, Passing
PSBLY Possibly
PSBL Possible
PRVDN Provision
PRVDG Providing
PRVDD Provided
PRVD Provide
PRSTNC Persistence
PRSTG Persisting
PRSTD Persisted
PRST Persist
PRSNTLY Presently
PRSNT Present
PROVLY Provisionally
PROV Provisional
PROG Prognosis, Prognostic
PROCS Procedures
PROC Procedure
PROB Probability
PRLL Parallel
PRIMLY Primarily
PRIM Primary
PRFRNC Preference
PRFRLY Preferably
PRFRG Preferring
PRFRD Preferred
PRFR Prefer
PRFG Fog Covering Part of the Aerodrome
PREVLY Previously
PREV Previous
PRESRR Pressure Rising Rapidly
PRESFR Pressure Falling Rapidly
PRES Pressure
PREPN Preparation
PREPG Preparing
PREPD Prepared
PREP Prepare
PRELIM Preliminary
PRECDNC Precedence
PRECDG Preceding
PRECDD Preceded
PRECD Precede
PRCTNS Precautions
PRCTN Precaution
PRCPLY Principally
PRCPL Principal
POSLY Positively
POS Positive
PO Sand Whirls
PO Dust Whirls
PNHNDL Panhandle
PLS Please
PLNS Flight Plans
PLN Flight Plan
PL Ice Pellets
PIXS Pictures
PIX Picture
PIREP Pilot Reports
PIREP Pilot Report
PIBAL Pilot Balloon Observation
PHS Phases
PHS Phase
PGTSND Puget Sound
PERMLY Permanently
PERM Permanent
PER Performance
PE Prince Edward Island
PDS Periods
PDMTLY Predominantly
PDMTG Predominating
PDMTD Predominated
PDMT Predominate, Predominant
PD Period
PCPNS Precipitations
PCPN Precipitations
PCDG Proceeding
PCD Proceed
PATNS Patterns
PATN Pattern
PARA Paragraph
PAC Pacific
PA Pennsylvania
P Polar
OVRSTRS Over the Straits
OVRSEA Over the Sea
OVRNGT Overnight
OVRNG Overrunning
OVRND Overrunned
OVRN Overrun
OVRLY Overly
OVRLP Overlap
OVRLD Over The Land
OVRHD Overhead
OVR Over
OVC Overcast
OTWZ Otherwise
OTP On Top
OTLK Outlook
ORNTN Orientation
ORNTG Orienting
ORNTD Oriented
ORNT Orient
ORIGTG Originating
ORIGTD Originated
ORIGT Originate
ORIGS Originals
ORIGLY Originally
ORIG Original
ORGZN Organization
ORGZG Organizing
ORGZD Organized
ORGZ Organize
ORGPHCLY Orographically
ORGPHC Orographic
OR Oregon
OPSG Operating
OPSD Operated
OPS Operations
OPS Operation
OPRS Operators
OPR Operator
OPNLY Openly
OPNG Opening
OPND Opened
OPN Open
ONSHR Onshore
ON Ontario
OK Oklahoma
OH Ohio
OFSHR Offshore
OCT October
OCRNC Occurrence
OCRG Occurring
OCRD Occurred
OCR Occur
OCNS Oceans
OCNLY Occasionally
OCNL Occasional
OCN Ocean
OCLNS Occlusions
OCLN Occlusion
OCLDG Occluding
OCLD Occlude, Occluded
OBSTS Obstacles
OBSTN Obstruction
OBSTG Obstructing
OBSTD Obstructed
OBST Obstruct, Obstacle
OBSCN Obscuration
OBSCG Obscuring
OBSCD Obscured
OBSC Obscure
OBS Observations
OBS Observe, Observation
O/R On Request
NY New York
NXT Next
NWRN Northwestern
NWLY Northwesterly
NW Northwest
NVA Negative Vorticity Advection
NV Nevada
NUMCLY Numerically
NUMCL Numerical
NU Nunavut
NTFYN Notification
NTFYG Notifying
NTFYD Notified
NTFY Notify
NT Northwest Territories
NSW Nil Significant Weather
NS Nova Scotia
NS Nimbostratus
NRW Narrow
NRN Northern
NRLY Nearly
NRG Nearing
NR Near
NP North Pole
NOV November
NNW North-Northwest
NNE North-Northeast
NMRS Numerous
NMLY Normally
NML Normal
NMBRS Numbers
NMBR Number
NM New Mexico
NM Nautical Miles
NM Nautical Mile
NLY Northerly
NJ New Jersey
NIL None
NH New Hampshire
NGTS Nights
NGTM Nighttime
NGT Night
NF Newfoundland
NEWENG New England
NERN Northeastern
NELY Northeasterly
NEGLY Negatively
NEG Negative
NECLY Necessarily
NEC Necessary
NE Northeast
NE Nebraska
ND North Dakota
NC North Carolina
NC No Change
NB New Brunswick
NAV Navigation
NAT North Atlantic
NAM North America
N North
MXTR Mixture
MXG Mixing
MXD Mixed
MWOS Meteorological Watch Offices
MWO Meteorological Watch Office
MVFR Marginal Vfr
MTW Mountain Waves
MTU Metric Units
MTS Mountains
MT Mountain
MT Montana
MSTR Moisture
MSTLY Mostly
MST Moist
MSRS Measures
MSRNTS Measurements
MSRNT Measurement
MSRG Measuring
MSRD Measured
MSR Measure
MSL Mean Sea Level
MSGS Messages
MSG Message
MS Mississippi
MRTM Maritime
MRNG Morning
MRGLY Marginally
MRGL Marginal
MRGG Merging
MRGD Merged
MRG Merge
MPS Metre Per Second
MPH Miles Per Hour
MOVG Moving
MOVD Moved
MOV Move
MOTN Motion
MON Monday
MO Missouri
MNT Monitor, Monitored
MNLY Mainly
MN Minnesota
MISSIRVR Mississippi River
MISG Missing
MISD Missed
MIN Minimum
MIFG Shallow Fog
MIDNGT Midnight
MID Middle
MI Michigan
MHZ Megahertzs
MHZ Megahertz
METAR Aerodrome Routine Meteorological Report
MET Meteorological
MESO Mesoscale
MECHLY Mechanically
MECH Mechanical
ME Maine
MDTN Moderation
MDTG Moderating
MDTD Moderated
MDT Moderate
MDFYN Modification
MDFYG Modifying
MDFYD Modified
MDFY Modify
MD Maryland
MCKNZ Mackenzie
MB Millibars
MB Millibar
MB Manitoba
MAX Maximum
MAR March
MANLS Manuals
MANL Manual
MAINTNC Maintenance
MAINTG Maintaining
MAINTD Maintained
MAINT Maintain
MAG Magnetic
MA Massachusetts
M Meters
M Meter
LYRS Layers
LYR Layer
LWR Lower
LVLS Levels
LVL Level
LVG Leaving
LTS Limits
LTR Later
LTNGS Lightnings
LTNG Lightning
LTL Little
LTGIC Lightning In Cloud
LTGCG Lightning Cloud to Ground
LTGCC Lightning Cloud to Cloud
LTG Limiting
LTD Limited
LT Limit
LRGR Larger
LRGLY Largely
LRG Large
LONG Longitude
LO Low
LNS Lines
LN Line
LLWS Low Level Wind Shear
LLJ Low Level Jet
LKWPG Lake Winnipeg
LKS Lakes
LKLY Likely
LK Lake
LIFR Low Ifr
LI Lifted Index
LGWVS Longwaves
LGWV Longwave
LGT Light
LGRG Long Range
LGR Longer
LG Long
LFTG Lifting
LFTD Lifted
LFT Lift
LENT Lenticular
LEN Length
LEE Lee (Wind)
LDG Landing
LDD Landed
LD Land
LCLY Locally
LCL Local
LAT Latitude
LABRDR Labrador
LA Louisiana
L/V Light And Variable
KY Kentucky
KWTN Keewatin
KT Knots
KT Knot
KS Kansas
KPA Kilopascals
KPA Kilopascal
KMH Kilometers Per Hour
KM Kilometers
KM Kilometer
KHZ Kilohertzs
KHZ Kilohertz
KG Kilograms
KG Kilogram
JUN June
JUL July
JTSTR Jetstream
JMSBA James Bay
JDFSTR Juan De Fuca Strait
JCTNS Junctions
JCTN Junction
JAN January
ISOTRMS Isotherms
ISOTRM Isotherm
ISOLN Isolation
ISOLG Isolating
ISOLD Isolated
ISOL Isolate
ISLDS Islands
ISLD Island
ISBRS Isobars
ISBR Isobar
IR Infrared
INVRN Inversion
INVOF In Vicinity Of
INVDN Invasion
INVDG Invading
INVDD Invaded
INVD Invade
INTSTY Intensity
INTSTN Intensification
INTSLY Intensely
INTSFYG Intensifying
INTSFYD Intensified
INTSFY Intensify
INTSCNS Intersections
INTSCN Intersection
INTS Intense
INTRPG Interrupting
INTRPD Interrupted
INTRP Interrupt, Interruption
INTR Interior
INTMTLY Intermittently
INTMT Intermittent
INTLLY Internationally
INTL International
INSTRS Instruments
INSTR Instrument
INSTD Instead
INSTBY Instability
INOP Inoperative
INLD Inland
INFR Inferior
INFO Information
INFLNCG Influencing
INFLNCD Influenced
INFLNC Influence
INDEFLY Indefinitely
INDEF Indefinite
INDCN Indication
INDCG Indicating
INDCD Indicated
INDC Indicate
INCRGLY Increasingly
INCRG Increasing
INCRD Increased
INCR Increase
INCOMPLY Incompletely
INCOMP Incomplete
INCLN Inclusion
INCLG Including
INCLD Included
INCL Include
INC In Cloud
IN Indiana
IMPTLY Importantly
IMPT Important
IMPRMTS Improvements
IMPRMT Improvement
IMPRG Improving
IMPRD Improved
IMPR Improve
IMDTLY Immediately
IMDT Immediate
IL Illinois
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
IDS Identifiers
IDENTG Identifying
IDENT Identify, Identification
ID Identifier
ID Idaho
ICGIP Icing In Precipitation
ICGIC Icing In Cloud
ICG Icing
IC Ice Crystals
IA Iowa
HZ Haze
HWVR However
HVYLY Heavily
HVY Heavy
HURCNS Hurricanes
HURCN Hurricane
HTG Heating
HSNBA Hudson Bay
HRZNTLY Horizontally
HRZNTL Horizontal
HRZN Horizon
HRS Hours
HR Hour
HPA Hectopascals
HPA Hectopascal
HOLS Holidays
HOL Holiday
HODOS Hodographs
HODO Hodograph
HNDS Hundreds
HND Hundred
HNC Hence
HLTPS Hill Tops
HLTP Hill Top
HLSTOS Hailstones
HLSTO Hailstone
HLF Half
HISTLY Historically
HIST History
HILY Highly
HIER Higher
HI High
HGTS Heights
HGT Height
HEMIS Hemispheres
HEMIS Hemisphere
HDGS Headings
HDG Heading
HDG Head
HDD Headed
HBRS Harbours
HBR Harbour
GVN Given
GVG Giving
GV Give
GUD Good
GSVLK Great Slave Lake
GSTY Gusty
GS Snow Pellets
GRTLY Greatly
GRTLKS Great Lakes
GRT Great
GRPG Grouping
GRPD Grouped
GRP Group(S)
GRNLD Greenland
GRLBG Garbling
GRDLY Gradually
GRDL Gradual
GRBNKS Grand Banks
GRBLD Garbled
GRBL Garble
GRAD Gradient
GR Hail
GP Glide Path
GND Ground
GLFSTLAWR Gulf Of St. Lawrence
GLFMEX Gulf Of Mexico
GLFALSK Gulf Of Alaska
GLF Gulf
GGNBA Georgian Bay
GFA Graphic Area Forecast
GENOT General Notice
GENLY Generally
GEN General
GDNC Guidance
GDG Guiding
GDD Guided
GD Guide
GBRLK Great Bear Lake
GASTR Georgia Strait
GA Georgia
G/A Ground-To-Air
G Gust (METAR, Taf)
FZRA Freezing Rain
FZN Frozen
FZLVL Freezing Level
FZFG Freezing Fog
FZDZ Freezing Drizzle
FZ Freeze, Freezing
FYI For Your Information
FXBSN Fox Basin
FWD Forward
FUTR Future
FUNCS Functions
FUNC Function
FU Smoke
FTHLS Foothills
FT Feet, Foot
FST First
FSS Flight Service Stations
FSS Flight Service Station
FRTHR Farther, Further
FRQLY Frequently
FRQ Frequent
FROPA Frontal Passage
FROPA Cold Front Passage
FROIN Frost On The Indicator
FRMTS Formats
FRMT Format
FRMS Forms
FRMG Forming
FRMD Formed
FRM Form
FRI Friday
FREQ Frequency
FNTS Fronts
FNTLYS Frontolysis
FNTGNS Frontogenesis
FNT Front
FM From
FLYG Flying
FLWG Following
FLWD Followed
FLW Follow
FLUCN Fluctuation
FLUCG Fluctuating
FLUCD Fluctuated
FLUC Fluctuate
FLTS Flights
FLT Flight
FLRYS Flurries
FLRY Flurry
FLOG Flowing
FLOD Flowed
FLO Flow
FLDS Fields
FLD Field
FL Florida
FL Flight Level (PIREP)
FIS Flight Information Service
FIR Flight Information Region
FILG Filling
FILD Filled
FIL Fill
FIC Flight Information Centre
FG Fog
FEB February
FEATS Features
FEAT Feature
FCSTS Forecasts
FCSTRS Forecasters
FCSTR Forecaster
FCSTG Forecasting
FCST Forecast
+FC Waterspouts (METAR)
+FC Waterspout (METAR)
+FC Tornadoes
+FC Tornado
FC Funnel Cloud
FAXS Facsimiles
FAX Facsimile
FALG Falling
FAC Facilities
EXPTN Expectation
EXPG Expecting
EXPD Expected
EXP Expect
EXCN Exception
EXC Except
EVRY Every
EVE Evening
EVDNC Evidence
EVAPD Evaporated
EVAP Evaporation, Evaporate
ESTN Estimation
ESTG Estimating
ESTD Estimated
EST Estimate
ESPLY Especially
ESE East-Southeast
ERN Eastern
ERLY Early
ERLY Easterly
ER Here
EQPT Equipment
ENUF Enough
ENTRLY Entirely
ENTR Entire
ENRT En-Route
ENHNCG Enhancing
ENHNCD Enhanced
ENHNC Enhance, Enhancement
ENE East-Northeast
ENDG Ending
ENDD Ended
EMBD Embedded
EMB Embed
EM Emission
ELSW Elsewhere
ELISL Ellesmere Island
ELEVG Eleveting
ELEVD Eleveted
ELEV Elevation, Elevate
EFCTS Effects
EFCTG Effecting
EFCTD Effected
EFCT Effect
ECTPS Echo Tops
ECTP Echo Top
E East
DZ Drizzle
DVSST Davis Strait
DVLPMT Development
DVLPG Developing
DVLPD Developed
DVLP Develop
DVDN Division
DVDG Dividing
DVDD Divided
DVD Divide
DURG During
DURD During Descent
DURC During Climb
DUR Duration
DUPLCTS Duplicates
DUPLCTN Duplication
DUPLCTG Duplicating
DUPLCTD Duplicated
DUPLCT Duplicate
DU Dust
DTRTN Deterioration
DTRTG Deteriorating
DTRTD Deteriorated
DTRT Deteriorate
DTRMN Determination
DTRMG Determining
DTRMD Determined
DTRM Determine
DTCTRS Detectors
DTCTR Detector
DTCTN Detection
DTCTG Detecting
DTCTD Detected
DTCT Detect
DSTBNCS Disturbances
DSTBNC Disturbance
DSPRNT Dispersement
DSPRL Dispersal
DSPRG Dispersing
DSPRD Dispersed
DSPR Disperse
DSPLCNT Displacement
DSPLCG Displacing
DSPLCD Displaced
DSPLC Displace
DSNT Descent
DSNDG Descending
DSNDD Descended
DSND Descend
DSIPTN Dissipation
DSIPTG Dissipating
DSIPTD Dissipated
DSIPT Dissipate
DSCSN Discussion
DSCSG Discussing
DSCSD Discussed
DSCS Discuss
DSCRBN Description
DSCRBG Describing
DSCRBD Described
DSCRB Describe
DSAPRG Disappearing
DSAPRD Disappeared
DSAPR Disappear
DS Dust Storm
DRSN Drifting Snow
DRFTS Drifts
DRFT Drift, Drifting
DRDU Drifting Dust
DPT Depth
DPR Deeper
DPNG Deepening
DPN Deepen
DPLY Deeply
DPLR Doppler (Radar)
DPCTNS Depictions
DPCTN Depiction
DPCTG Depicting
DPCTD Depicted
DPCT Depict
DP Deep
DOMLY Domestically
DOM Domestic
DNWND Downwind
DNSTRM Downstream
DNSR Denser
DNSLY Densly
DNSLP Downslope
DNS Dense
DNGLY Dangerously
DNG Danger, Dangerous
DNDFT Downdraft
DN Down
DMSHG Diminishing
DMSHD Diminished
DMSH Diminish
DMNTS Dominants
DMNTGLY Dominantly
DMNTG Dominating
DMNTD Dominated
DMNT Dominant
DLY Daily
DLTN Deletion
DLTG Deleting
DLTD Deleted
DLT Delete
DKTS Dakotas
DIVRGT Divergent
DIVRGNC Divergence
DIVRGG Diverging
DIVRGD Diverged
DIVRG Diverge
DISTRN Distribution
DISTRG Distributing
DISTRD Distributed
DISTR Distribute
DIST Distant, Distance
DISEMN Dissemination
DISEMG Disseminating
DISEMD Disseminated
DISEM Disseminate
DISAPRNC Disappearance
DIFLNT Diffluent
DIFLNC Diffluence
DIAGG Diagnosing
DIAGD Diagnosed
DIAG Diagnosis, Diagnose
DFZN Deformation Zone
DFUSLY Diffusely
DFUSG Diffusing
DFUSD Diffused
DFUS Diffuse
DFTS Drafts
DFT Draft
DFNTLY Definitively
DFNT Definite
DFCLTY Difficulty
DFCLT Difficult
DEVTG Deviating
DEVTD Deviated
DEVT Deviate
DEV Deviation
DEGS Degrees
DEG Degree
DECIDN Decision
DECIDG Deciding
DECIDD Decided
DECID Decide
DEC December
DE Delaware
DDG Dodging
DCTN Direction
DCTLY Directly
DCTG Directing
DCTD Directed
DCT Direct
DCLTRG Decelerating
DCLRTN Deceleration
DCLRTD Decelerated
DCLRT Decelerate
DC District of Columbia
DBTS Doubts
DBTG Doubting
DBTFL Doubtful
DBTD Doubted
DBT Doubt
DBLG Doubling
DBLD Doubled
DBL Double
DB Dry Bulb
DATM Daytime
DAM Decametres
DAM Decametre
DALGT Daylight
DABRK Daybreak
CYCLYS Cyclolysis
CYCLYS Cyclonically
CYCGNS Cyclogenesis
CYC Cyclonic
CVCTVLY Convectively
CVCTV Convective
CVCTN Convection
CUFRA Cumulus Fractus
CU Cumulus
CTLG Controlling
CTLD Controlled
CTL Control
CTGYS Categories
CTGY Category
CTCS Contacts
CTCG Contacting
CTCD Contacted
CTC Contact
CT Connecticut
CSTS Coasts
CSTLPSS Coastal passes
CSTLMTS Coastal mountains
CST Coast
CSDRBLY Considerably
CSDRBL Considerable
CS Cirrostratus
CRVS Curves
CRV Curve
CRSPNDNC Correspondence
CRSPNDLY Correspondingly
CRSPNDG Corresponding
CRSPNDD Corresponded
CRSPND Correspond
CRNTLY Currently
CRNT Current
CRCLTN Circulation
CRCLTG Circulating
CRCLTD Circulated
CRCLT Circulate
COVG Covering
COVD Covered
COV Cover
CORG Correcting
CORD Corrected
COR Correct, Correction
CONVRGNC Convergence
CONVRGG Converging
CONVRGD Converged
CONVRG Converge
CONTUS Continuous
CONTRS Contours
CONTRAILS Condensation Trails
CONTR Contour
CONTG Continuing
CONTD Continued
CONT Continue
CONFID Confident, Confidence
CONDS Conditions
COND Condition
COM Communications
CO Colorado
CNTRS Centres
CNTRLY Centrally
CNTRL Central
CNTRG Centering
CNTRD Centred
CNTR Centre
CNFLNT Confluent
CNFLNC Confluence
CNCLSNS Conclusions
CNCLSN Conclusion
CNCLN Cancellation
CNCLG Cancelling
CNCLD Cancelled
CNCL Cancel
CMPTR Computer
CMPLX Complex
CMPLN Completion
CMPLLY Completely
CMPLG Completing
CMPLD Completed
CMPL Complete
CMNCMT Commencement
CMNCG Commencing
CMNCD Commenced
CMNC Commence
CMASC Comma Shape Cloud
CMAS Commas
CMAH Comma Head
CMA Comma
CM Centimeter(S)
CLSLY Closely
CLSG Closing
CLSD Closed
CLS Close
CLRLY Clearly
CLRG Clearing
CLRD Cleared
CLR Clear
CLDS and WX Clouds and Weather
CLDS Clouds
CLD Cloud
CIV Civil
CIGS Ceilings
CIG Ceiling
CI Cirrus
CHS Channels
CHRLTS Queen Charlotte Islands
CHNCS Chances
CHNC Chance
CHGS Changes
CHGG Changing
CHGD Changed
CHG Change
CH Channel
CDN Canadian
CCTS Circuits
CCT Circuit
CC Cirrocumulus
CB Cumulonimbus
CAUTN Caution
CAT Clear Air Turbulence
CASCDS Cascades
CARIB Caribbean
CAN Canada
CAA Cold Air Advection
CA California
C Celsius (Degrees)
BYD Beyond
BULLS Bulletins
BULL Bulletin
BTR Better
BTN Between
BTL Between Layers
BRKS Breaks
BRK Break
BRFLY Briefly
BRF Brief
BRDR Broader
BRDNG Broadening
BRDN Broaden
BRDLY Broadly
BRD Broad
BR Mist
BOVC Base of Overcast
BNTH Beneath
BNDS Bands
BND Band
BLT Built
BLT Built
BLSN Blowing Snow
BLSA Blowing Sand
BLO Below
BLNS Balloons
BLN Balloon
BLKS Blocks
BLK Block
BLDUPS Buildups
BLDUP Buildup
BLDU Blowing Dust
BLDG Building
BLDD Built
BLD Build
BL Blowing
BKNG Breaking
BKN Broken
BHND Behind
BGNG Beginning
BGN Begin, Began
BFRTS Beaufort Sea
BFR Before
BECMG Becoming
BECM Become, Became
BDRYS Boundaries
BDRY Boundary
BDRS Borders
BDR Border
BDA Bermuda
BCST Broadcast
BCS Because
BCN Beacon
BCKG Backing
BCKD Backed
BCK Back
BCFG Fog Patches
BC British Columbia
BATROPLY Barotropically
BATROP Barotropic
BAROLY Barometrically
BARO Barometer
BAFISLD Baffin Island
BAFDY Bay of Fundy
BAFBA Baffin Bay
BACLINTY Baroclinicity
BACLINLY Baroclinically
BACLIN Baroclinic
AZ Arizona
AVTN Aviation
AVGG Averaging
AVGD Averaged
AVG Average
AVBL Available
AUTOLY Automatically
AUTO Automatic
AURBO Aurora Borealis
AUG August
ATTM At This Time
ATNDG Attending
ATNDD Attended
ATND Attend
ATMOS Atmosphere
ATLC Atlantic
ASOCTN Association
ASOCTG Associating
ASOCTD Associated
ASOCT Associate
ASNT Ascent
ASNDG Ascending
ASNDD Ascended
ASND Ascend
ASL Above Sea Level
ASAP As Soon As Possible
AS Altostratus
ARTC Arctic
ARRL Arrival
ARRG Arriving
ARRD Arrived
ARR Arrive
ARPT Airport
ARNGMT Arrangement
ARNGG Arranging
ARNGD Arranged
ARNG Arrange
ARND Around
AR Arkansas
APRXN Approximation
APRXLY Approximately
APRX Approximate
APRNTLY Apparently
APRNT Apparent
APR April
APPRNC Appearance
APPRG Appearing
APPRD Appeared
APPR Appear
APCHG Approaching
APCHD Approached
APCHBL Approachable
APCH Approach
AP Anomalous Propagation
ANTCPTN Anticipation
ANTCPTG Anticipating
ANTCPTD Anticipated
ANTCPT Anticipate
ANALG Analyzing
ANALD Analyzed
ANAL Analyze, Analysis
AMT Amount (clouds)
AMSL Above Mean Sea Level
AMPN Amplification
AMPLTD Amplitude
AMPG Amplifying
AMPD Amplified
AMP Amplify
AMDTS Amendments
AMDT Amendment
AMDG Amending
AMD Amend, Amended
ALUTN Aleutian
ALTNS Alternates
ALTN Alternate
ALTM Altimeter
ALTHO Although
ALT Altitude
ALSK PNHDL Alaska Panhandle
ALQDS All Quadrants
ALG Along
ALF Aloft
AL Alabama
AK Alaska
AIRMSS Air Masses
AIRMS Air Mass
AIRMET Aviation Weather Advisory
AIREP Air Report
AHD Ahead
AGRMT Agreement
AGRG Agreeing
AGRD Agreed
AGR Agree
AGN Again
AGL Above Ground Level
AG Above Ground
AFTN Afternoon
AFT After
AFL Above Freezing Layer
AFCTG Affecting
AFCTD Affected
AFCT Affect
ADZRY Advisory
ADZG Advising
ADZD Advised
ADZ Advise
ADVNMT Advancement
ADVNG Advancing
ADVND Advanced
ADVN Advance
ADVCTN Advection
ADS Aerodromes
ADJS Adjacents
ADJ Adjacent
ADDN Addition
AD Aerodrome
ACYCLY Anticyclonically
ACYC Anticyclonic
ACTLY Actively
ACT Active
ACRS Across
ACRDGLY Accordingly
ACRDG According
ACRD Accord
ACPYG Accompanying
ACPYD Accompanied
ACPY Accompany
ACPTG Accepting
ACPTD Accepted
ACPT Accept
ACLTN Acceleration
ACLTG Accelerating
ACLTD Accelerated
ACLT Accelerate
ACFT Aircraft
ACC Altocumulus Castellanus
AC Altocumulus
ABV Above
ABT About
AB Alberta
A/G Air-to-Ground
A/A Air-to-Air
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