2.1.7 Banking for your future

Financial institutions help you manage your money with basic services, and they can also help you meet your financial goals with more advanced services. Most can offer you financial advice to help you save, and they can also help you invest your money. (But remember to get advice from a variety of different sources and choose an investment that meets your needs. See the Investing module for details.)

One important tool your financial institution can offer you is an automatic transfer to your savings account.

Banking for my future

In the space below, write your average monthly income. Then write how much you could put into a savings account each month, considering your monthly expenses. (Some financial experts recommend saving 10 percent of your monthly take-home pay, after you have paid off high-interest debts.) Consider having your financial institution set up an automatic transfer to your savings account.


Should I set up a regular transfer to a savings account?

For more information about saving for your future, refer to the Saving module.

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