2.5.2 Debit card fraud

Debit card fraud can happen in several ways:

Usually, a thief needs your card (or a copy made from real data) plus your PIN. Keep both safe. You are not responsible for anything beyond your control—if you are a victim of force, trickery, intimidation or theft. But if you let someone use your PIN, or if your financial institution thinks you have been careless, you may have to pay for any charges on your card.

Once scammers steal your card and PIN, they can get the money in your account. They can get even more if your card can be used for other accounts, or if you have overdraft protection on your account. When someone uses your PIN and debit card to get illegal access to your accounts, or to make other charges in your name, it's fraud.

If you think someone might have access to your debit card, contact your financial institution. The security department can tell you what to do next.

For more information about your rights and responsibilities under the debit card code, see The debit card code in the Your Rights and Responsibilities section.

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