12.1.11 Detect fraud and scams

The good news: You can learn how to spot the warning signs of fraud before you get taken in. Click on the examples to see how.


Phishing email
Example of phishing email

From: ABC Bank info@abcbank.com

Subject: Your account – Security breach

Date: 6 June, 2012 4:14:05 PM EDT

To: John Doe john.doe@anywhere.com


Dear Customer,

Due to a recent security breach in the ABC Bank computer systems, we are asking all customers to immediately update their client profile using the link below and immediately report any unnoticed information changes, unexplained funds depletion or the likewise. Rest assured that we have the safety and privacy of our customers as our top priority but please help us by following the instructions below:

Update and verify your information by clicking the link below:


If your account information is not updated within 48 hours, then any complaints will be dealt with as a separate incident from this security breach. Please update your profile as soon as possible.


The ABC Bank Team


Warning signs:

What to do:

Phone solicitation 


Telephone rings.

Voice 1: Hello.

Voice 2: Hello. It’s John here. I’m calling from ABC Bank about the new credit card you applied for.

Voice 1: Oh, yes. I was wondering why it hadn’t arrived yet.

Voice 2: That’s why we’re calling. As part of our new security procedure, I need to update our records and make sure the card goes to the right address. This will just take a minute.

Voice 1: Okay. What do you need to know?

Voice 2: Can you tell me your full address?

Voice 1: Yes, it’s 1234 Main Street, Vancouver, V1B 2C3.

Voice 2: Great, that matches our file. And your date of birth?

Voice 1: June 1, 1980.

Voice 2: Great. And what accounts do you have with the bank?

Voice 1: I have a chequing account and a savings account. And the credit card, of course.

Voice 2: Okay. Do you know your telephone password?

Voice 1: Uh, is it XYZ123?

Voice 2: Yes, that’s perfect. Finally, do you know the PIN on your credit card?

Voice 1: Yes, it’s 1357.

Voice 2: Thank you. That’s all I need. I’ll authorize the release of your card now, and you should receive it in a few days.

Voice 1: Thank you. Goodbye.

Hang up.

Voice 1: Hmm. That’s odd. The bank has all that information. I think I’ll call them and find out if they really need that information before they send out a new card.

Telephone transition noise.

Voice 1: I can’t believe it. You mean I gave all that information to someone who stole my new credit card from my mail? I’ll have to cancel my card right away, and change my banking password. And I’ll have to notify the credit agencies to put an alert on my file.


Warning signs:

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Debit card fraud

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