6.2.9 Business insurance

If you have a home-based business or work from your home, you should consider getting business insurance. Business insurance can protect you against loss or damage to physical property or the loss of your business's ability to operate and generate income. Home or tenant insurance will generally not pay for claims related to a home-based business.

Here are the main types of business insurance and their features:

Type of business insurance

How it works

Commercial property insurance

pays for damage to or loss of your business premises. It also protects against damage, theft or loss of the business property or inventory.

Public liability insurance

protects your business against third-party liability claims (for example, if a courier slips and falls at your place of business and is injured).

Errors and omissions insurance

protects your business against claims made against it because of a mistake you may have made.

Buy-sell agreement

allows one business partner to use a life insurance death benefit to buy out a partner’s interests simply and quickly after the partner’s death.

Key person life insurance

provides money to the business if an important employee dies.

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