3.1.1 Reasons to save

Personal saving is always a good step. It will help you to meet your goals and provide a cushion for the unexpected. Your savings plan gives you the ability to meet your own goals and provide for your own future.

Saving means taking a longer-term view of your life. You might be perfectly happy with your life today. You might even have a little left over at the end of the month, which you can save for purchases like that big-screen television or a vacation in the sun. But if you look ahead, are you prepared for your future? Are you ready to:

Unplanned events can happen, too. If you suffer an injury and can't work, it may be months before you receive insurance or other compensation. If your home needs repairs, your only alternative to savings may be an expensive loan—if you can get it.

Here are some important reasons people save. Check the reasons that are most important to you.

Reasons people save

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