9.4.6 Pre-tax filing checklist

Save time and frustration by getting organized. If you use a tax service, being organized will help you save money, since you'll take less of the time that your advisor is charging you for. In addition, when you're organized, your tax advisor can focus on planning to make sure you get all the tax advantages that are due to you.

Use the checklist below to get ready to prepare your taxes.

Pre-tax filing checklist

Gather and sort your key tax documents into the following groups:


  • Prepare tax returns for the whole family at the same time. Often, expenses that won't benefit one member of the family can be transferred to another. In Quebec, some calculations require you to use net family income.
  • The Canada Revenu Agency launched a new automated telephone filing service called File my Return. Eligible individuals with low income or a fixed income that is unchanged year-to-year will be invited to file their income tax and benefit returns simply by answering a series of short questions and giving some personal information. 
  • The CRA and Revenu Quebec train community volunteers to help people with a low income who are not able to complete their own simple income tax return. The volunteers do not deal with employment, business and self-employment expenses and certain other cases. For information about volunteer tax clinics in your area, call 1-800-959-8281. For details, got to Canada Revenue Agency's information on the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program.

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