Working when living with a disability

Some employers have programs to help you with your job if you're living with a disability.

Your employer may offer the following:

  • accessible computers and software
  • flexible work hours
  • the option to work from home
  • a job description that reflects your abilities
  • benefits such as health and life insurance

Federal programs to help you work with a disability

There are a number of programs to help you work when living with a disability.

Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Program

The Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Program helps you return to work. You continue to get your regular CPP disability benefits while you're in the program.

This is a voluntary program for people who get Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefits.

It provides services such as:

  • employment counselling and guidance
  • help planning your return to work
  • opportunities to retrain or improve your skills
  • help developing your job-search skills

Learn how to take part in the Disability Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

Opportunities Fund

The Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities program helps people with disabilities prepare for, get and keep jobs. It also helps people with disabilities start their own business.

Businesses, municipal governments and organizations may apply for the Opportunities Fund. They use the money they get to support people with disabilities who:

  • are unemployed
  • aren't eligible for Employment Insurance (EI)
  • need help to prepare for, get and keep a job

Discover the types of programs funded by the Opportunities Fund.

Provincial and territorial programs to help you work with a disability

Your province or territory may have programs to help people with disabilities find or train for work.

Find provincial or territorial resources to help you find or train for work.

Getting to work

This resource gives you information about accessible transportation to help you get to work. It also has information about accessible travel between Canadian cities.

Find out about accessible transportation in your area.

Disability benefits while working

Income from working may affect your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) or Quebec Pension Plan (QPP) disability payments.

Learn about how your benefits may change if you return to work while on CPP disability benefits.

Find out how your benefits may change if you return to work while on QPP disability benefits.

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