Guidebook for departments on easing of restrictions: Table of Contents

A guide to support a gradual, safe and sustainable easing of COVID-19 restrictions at federal worksites

This Guidebook on the easing of restrictions in the workplace was published for the purpose of guiding Departments in planning for and managing an initial resumption of activity in the workplace at the time. The pandemic environment has since continued to shift with multiple waves impacting public health restrictions, and with vaccination efforts continuing across jurisdictions.

The Guidebook covers general planning and considerations. Departments are encouraged to manage and adjust plans in consideration of the changing pandemic environment and consider the latest developments therein. Planning should be augmented and/or updated as needed, based on the latest information and new complementary guidance’s available.

Also refer to the latest guidance on vaccination.

Table of Contents

Executive summary

Part 1: Federal worksites

Part 2: Healthy workplace occupancy guidance

Part 3: Building maintenance

Part 4: Information management and technology

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