Before you host a speaker: Book a speaker

Book a speaker

Our speakers are federal public servants who share their stories at federal public service events across Canada. They are not subject matter experts; rather they speak about their personal lived experience.

Steps to book a speaker

Step 1:

Review our speaker profiles and find out what topics and experience you can access (available only on the Government of Canada network).

Step 2:

Submit a Speaker Request Form (available only on the Government of Canada network).

Step 3:

Prepare for your event and ensure a safe space for the speaker and your audience.

Booking considerations

Before booking a speaker, consider the following:

  • as the speakers are volunteers, there are no costs to book a speaker
    • your organization is responsible for any travel costs related to the speaker attending your event, including taxi chits and parking costs
  • we ask that you submit your request a minimum of four weeks prior to your event
  • all requests for a speaker will be reviewed and booked based on availability
  • once we receive your request, we will confirm if a speaker is available for your event within five business days
  • since our speakers are volunteers, it may not always be possible to provide a speaker (or your preferred speaker) for each event requested

Contact us at if you have questions or feedback that you would like to share.

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