Before you host a speaker: Your role as host

Your role as host

To ensure the best possible experience for your audience members and speakers, we encourage host departments to have an event coordinator and moderator to support every event.

Event coordinator

An event coordinator is an individual from the organization requesting a speaker.


  • submit a Speaker Request Form
  • ask the speaker if they require any accommodations
  • provide compensation for travel and parking arrangements
  • ensure that there is a moderator available for the event
  • ensure the meeting complies with the Official Languages Act
  • share training options and curated resources related to the event with the audience in advance

Discuss these topics with the speaker:

  • event and room location, parking details, security pass, if applicable
  • size and composition of the audience
  • format used to share their story (virtual or in-person)
  • purpose or objective of the event
  • time allocation
  • tone of the event
  • language preference
  • off-limit topics, questions or triggers the speaker is not comfortable answering, and ensure to share with the moderator


A moderator is provided by the host organization.


  • introduce the speaker
  • share a brief overview of the potential triggers and off-limit questions with the audience
  • review the ground rules with the audience
  • filter any disruptive questions and comments directed at the speaker from the audience
  • ensure that the Code of Conduct is upheld
  • ensure that the Official Languages Act is respected
  • monitor the chat during virtual events

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