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Stories about how public servants are contributing to the fight against the pandemic.

Special edition: COVID-19

Canada’s diverse population: The progression of the census

Living Digital sits down with Laurent Martel of StatCan to discuss the new gender diverse addition to the Canadian census.

Diversity in problem-solving: the first federal government platform for solving federal science and technology, policy, and design challenges using the wisdom of crowds

The Treasury Board Secretariat, in partnership with Environment and Climate Change Canada, will soon make available a novel platform designed to solve public service S&T, policy, and design challenges that will be open to all public service employees across Canada.

Innovation and empathy go hand in hand

What’s cooking up in the Lab? The QFC’s Innovation Lab that is. Paul Keller and Catherine Lovatt-Smith join us to discuss innovation, digital cohesion, and all the great tools they’ve created for public servants.

Living Digital Q&A series: Shifting the focus

Barâa Arar of Canadian Heritage sits down with us to talk about sharing her D+I experiences through the Federal Speakers’ Forum and provides a quick glance at the subject of colonial photography.

Advocating for diversity and inclusion at home and abroad

This Pride Season, we invite you to learn about a public servant who strives to create change not just in the GC, but around the world.

Eliminate hate: Addressing Anti-Asian racism

In honor of Asian Heritage Month, the Living Digital team sat down with Iwan Chan, DG of the Corporate Secretariat at Environment and Climate Change Canada to discuss Anti-Asian Racism, barriers faced by our Asian colleagues, and the tremendous work being undertaken by the Network of Asian Federal Employees.

“A place for us too”: Indigenous IT recruitment in the Government of Canada

A team at Employment and Social Development Canada has been using a straightforward approach to help increase Indigenous representation in the Government of Canada’s information technology fields.

Living Digital Q&A series: The art of the possible

We chat with Neil Bouwer of CSPS to discuss all things innovation and learning in the GC.

Mental Health and the Black narrative – breaking down barriers

In honour of Black History month, the Living Digital team sat down with Maame De-heer; a Policy Analyst at the Public Health Agency to discuss Mental health stigma within Black communities

Living Digital Q&A Series: Soaring into the stratosphere

We sit down for a Question & Answer session to talk to Philippe Vincent, a mechanical engineer at the Canadian Space Agency.

A virtual flight with Living Digital perfectly sums up the year of living digitally

On November 10th, the Living Digital team successfully put on their second Living Digital event -virtually! Packaged as a flight, “Air LD VN” featured four sessions on topics ranging from mental health awareness, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, media and news reporting, as well as a sneak peek at gcxchange – a new collaboration tool for public servants. 

Here’s to strong women

In honour of Women’s History Month, we chatted with two fierce leaders from the Canadian Digital Service (CDS), who shared their insights on working in the digital sphere, the value of a diverse workforce, and the strength that empowered women bring to the table.

A young face in an unconventional space: the insights of a millennial diplomat

In honour of Women History Month, we chat with Kayla Slobodnik, Executive Policy Advisor to the Chief Trade Commissioner, for the inside scoop on life as a former Trade Commissioner turned Policy Advisor, working in the field of international business, and overcoming barriers as a young woman of colour in an unconventional workspace.

One small step for satellites, one quantum leap for encryption

A conversation with Éric Gloutnay of the Canadian Space Agency on how shooting beams at satellites is helping improve the next generation of computer encryption.

The Federal Youth Network—amplifying the voices of public servants

A casual conversation with Joshua Frame and Jennifer MacDougall, leads of the Federal Youth Network talking about the importance of YPN engagement in the GC.

Living Beyond2020, in 2021

We chat with Interim Clerk Janice Charette about leadership, Beyond2020, addressing truths before we can be truly inclusive, and protecting our mental health during pandemic shifts.

The only way is forward

We sit down with Deputy Minister Daniel Quan-Watson to talk about the origin of his famous letter in which he shared his personal and candid life experiences with racism; how racism negatively impacts us all; and to discuss how we, as the public service, can work towards change together.

How we can face change, and the possibility of change: a conversation with Parliamentary Secretary Greg Fergus

Parliamentary Secretary Greg Fergus chats with us and shares his lessons from the pandemic.

Can I see some (digital) ID?

A conversation with the Cyber Security team at the Treasury Board Secretariat on Digital ID.

Measuring accessible tools of the trade

Sara Minaeian of the Service and Accessibility Team in the Office of the Chief Information Officer within the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat explains how accessible tools help both public servants and the Canadians they serve.

A comfortable conversation about race

Farah Boisclair, the lead of IRCC’s anti-racism task force talks to us about addressing barriers in the workplace, widening the lens on representation goals, and her “let’s talk racism” townhall that has made its way through their department.

Voices are meant to be heard

An open and honest conversation with Vinita Ambwani, Director in the Centre on Diversity and Inclusion at the Treasury Board Secretariat on the impact lived experience and stories can have on promoting diversity and inclusion.

In the pockets of opportunities, is where you’ll find change

Sayyedya Francis, an Indigenous employee and advocate for Indigenous policies and programs within the GC talks to us about the transformational change we need to achieve Indigenous inclusion.

Behind every great project, is great dedication

Chatting with two powerful women from the Office of Public Service Accessibility, Luna Bengio and Diana Shaw-Malvern, about the ways in which the Government of Canada is making strides to simplify workplace accommodations.

Growing a storytelling platform: just add water and a little positivity

Crofton Steers of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada talks about the importance of a good story.

Disaggregated data in the big data era

Atong Ater, core member of the Federal Black Employee Caucus (FBEC) talks about the importance of collecting disaggregated data and doing it right.

Tell us once, we got you. Tell us twice… well, there’s no need.

A chat with Teresa D’Andrea from TBS and Pirth Singh from ISED, about the Tell Us Once concept and how it will impact the GC’s service to Canadians, and what it takes to have a successful collaboration.

Diversity is more than just a buzzword: conversations with our Black colleagues

Speaking with and listening to Black colleagues across the Government of Canada on living the realities of racism, how we can be better colleagues and leaders, and the power of hope and action.

Who run the world?

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Anna Wong, director in IM/IT at the Treasury Board Secretariat shares her inspiring journey within the GC, how she got to where she is now, and some words of wisdom.

Roaming from coast-to-coast-to-coast: the life of a Free Agent

Learn how some public servants are spreading their wings and shaping a new way of working.

Yes, Queens

Honoured to have chatted with four influential women, hoping to empower other women to consider careers in STEM.

We found work in a remote place

Jennifer Thorne and Simon Gascon share their experience working outside the office, as they debunk the myths surrounding modern ways of working.

The (simple) science of storytelling

Learn how NRCan is making science more accessible with stories.

Not your average town hall

I was invited to be a fly on the wall at the latest Shared Services Canada town hall and I’m here to reveal how they are evolving alongside digital change, improving existing technologies and putting employees first.

Oh the places you’ll go: The student experience

11 young professionals talk co-op, career opportunities, and life in the public service.

Give me a U! Give me an X! What does that spell? Let Marc tell you

Marc Viau, UX enthusiast by day and professional spin bike rider by night shares his wisdom on what UX means, common UX practices, and why UX is important.

A coffee date with Living Digital

You had to be there. But in case you weren’t, here’s what you missed at our first-ever Living Digital event

An honest conversation about accessibility, with an optimist

Luna Bengio tells the story of accessibility: a social movement that involves everybody.

Get in friends, we’re going to the CSPS Digital Academy

Digital Academy is taking the plunge into digital waters and they want you treading by their side. Can’t swim? No problem, they’ve got life vests (training courses) for all levels to help you stay afloat or maybe even perfect your backstroke.

Follow me to Parks

A public servant mixed with a hint of park warden sits down with us to share her unique GC experience.

Including everyone—the first time around

Being mindful of making content inclusive and accessible for all should be a top priority.

This just in: this innovation team at Health Canada is the new 007

The ROEB innovation team at Health Canada is changing the game by testing out new technologies and ways of approaching the work that they do.

"Agile" is not the end goal, it’s the journey

The term agile has been buzzing around the GC, but what does being agile really mean?

GCcoworking: your office away from office

Introducing GCcoworking: telework minus the at home distractions.

Talent Cloud makes long distance relationships work

Talent Cloud is on a mission to improve how the GC hires people. To do so, they’ve recruited some of the best across our home and native land for their team because distance isn’t a dealbreaker.

Welcome to ISED’s Digital Lounge—stay a while, or at least until your IT issues are resolved

Bye bye hold music. Read about how ISED changed the concept of the traditional IT service desk.

The face of the Government of Canada: a brand that never goes out of style

Will the real Canada wordmark please stand up? The backstory on what it’s like protecting the Government of Canada’s brand.

Breaking our bubbles and seeing the sun

A reflection piece on the 2019 Open Government Partnership Summit, Ottawa

Charlie and Ryan: the men, the myths, the legends behind Innovation Fair

A behind the scenes look into the planning of one of the biggest Government of Canada events.

This is not an episode of Catfish: Amanda Bernardo is the real deal

A conversation with a social media guru on the impact of digital on our work.

Kevin Miller and chatbot Didi: a force to be reckoned with

The backstory behind how the Don’t Drive High campaign reached and impacted so many Canadians.

When it comes to improving web content, the proof is in the pudding

Web content is more than just a thing to be simply signed, sealed, and delivered.

The top 5 things to know about improving

With more than 2 million visits every day, is pursuing its optimization endgame.

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