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Virtual Bingo with Living Digital - Transcript

Looking for ways to engage your team virtually? The Living Digital team has got you covered!

We tried our own version of BINGO, remote working special edition, of course, during our latest

meeting. Let’s see how it went down.


Remote working COVID-19 edition BINGO

So, seen or heard a colleague’s pet during a video call. Yeah! Everyone!

Talked for a few minutes without realizing you were on mute. I’m guilty!

I was going to say, Raana has!

Had to call IT for computer issues. Definitely!

This is a good one: Pretended to have ‘video issues’ because of a bad hair day. Hm (cricket

sound) of course not!

And there you have it! Not only was it a nice break, but it felt especially great to engage and

have some virtual fun together. If you’d like to try out our BINGO at your next team meeting, you

can download it by heading to www.canada.ca/livingdigital. Don’t forget to share your

experience with us by using #LivingDigitalBINGO in the comments below!

Government of Canada, Canada

Trying to find ways to connect with your team virtually? Well look no further, the Living Digital team has tried-and-tested some of the many methods out there to have fun and engaging interactions with your team! We let you know how we fared, and provide you with the resources to try them out with your colleagues!

1. Virtual Bingo with Living Digital (remote working edition)

Download in PDF format
(353.8 KB, 1 page)

HTML version

Remote working COVID-19 edition Bingo

  • Saw or heard a colleagues’ pet during a video call
  • Talked for a few minutes without realizing you were on mute
  • Had to call IT for computer issues
  • Pretended to have ‘video issues’ because of a bad hair day
  • Missed what your colleague was saying because you were too focused on what was behind them
  • Sent a GIF to your colleagues
  • Bribed your kids with candy so they would leave you alone
  • Said “can you hear me” during a meeting
  • Told your colleagues about the weather
  • Accidentally disrupted a meeting by forgetting to put yourself on mute
  • Mixed up your routine by working outside
  • Joked about how short your commute is
  • Free
  • Tried to predict when we would go back to the office
  • Took over your kitchen table as your desk
  • Met your colleagues’ family over a virtual video call
  • Worked out during your lunch break
  • Wore a nice shirt with sweatpants during a conference call
  • Participated in a virtual baking session with your colleagues
  • Asked “is blank on the line?”
  • Took a coffee break… or three
  • Had your family poke fun at your “work voice”
  • Ended a call or an email with “stay safe!”
  • Heard dishes being washed in the background
  • Were late to a meeting on account of technical difficulties

Let’s face it, moving from in-person to online meetings has its challenges. Remote working means we don’t get to have casual run-ins with our colleagues in our shared spaces at the office, and this means less opportunities to exchange dad jokes, and everyday “OMG” moments. However, as we navigate the online environment, we’ve all had our fair share of relatable experiences, and we still want to be able to share a laugh over them! So, we put these down in the form of a bingo card and played it at our team meeting. Check out how it went down for us in our video, and download the fillable PDF we made to try it out with your team!

The verdict:

Overall, bingo was a success. Our team had a good time laughing and sharing memories of funny moments we’ve had since working from home. The fillable PDF is super easy to use. One thing to note, however: your colleagues will likely not hesitate to call you out on the stuff you’re guilty for!

We give this activity a: 10/10

2. Most Likely To

Download in PDF format
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HTML version

Most Likely To 

Choose 10 of the statements below and play with your team! 

  1. Discover a new planet 
  2. Win a dance competition
  3. Lose a dance competition
  4. Make a life changing scientific discovery 
  5. Become a celebrity 
  6. Become the next Picasso 
  7. Find buried treasure 
  8. Be a secret agent 
  9. Become a ninja 
  10. Win an olympic medal 
  11. Be a hollywood star 
  12. Win a singing competition 
  13. Start a fashion trend 
  14. Start a band 
  15. Write a best-selling novel 
  16. Accidentally become a meme 
  17. Go viral
  18. Travel to every country 
  19. Win a nobel prize 
  20. Win the lottery 
  21. Marry into royalty 
  22. Make it into the Guinness World Records
  23. Travel to space 
  24. Be on a reality tv show 
  25. Be a game show contestant 
  26. Survive a zombie apocalypse
  27. Be the first not to survive a zombie apocalypse
  28. Be late to their own wedding 
  29. Move to a remote island 
  30. Become a stand up comedian 
  31. Have over a million social media followers 
  32. Win a Star Wars trivia contest 
  33. Marry a celebrity 
  34. Become a famous rock star
  35. Win a cooking contest 
  36. Become a superhero 
  37. Develop the next best video game
  38. Join the opera
  39. Create an app

In this edition of “Let’s get virtual, virtual”, the Living Digital team challenges you with a game of “Most likely to”. And yes, it’s as simple as it sounds! Round up your team, download the fillable PDF and take turns sharing your responses on which member of your team you think would best fit each of the 10 statements your team has chosen to play with. Get ready for laughs and an all-around good time, as you learn what your colleagues really think of you.

Our Verdict: 

It’s safe to say our team definitely enjoyed a laugh (or ten) as we participated in this game! It was an easy way  to engage  with everyone and learn more about each other! It’s little activities like this that make us feel connected even when we’re apart! 

We give this activity a: 9.5/10 (-.5 because I’m only slightly offended that my colleagues think I’d be late to my own wedding…they know me a little too well)

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