Government of Canada Strategic Plan for Information Management and Information Technology 2017-2021

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Message from the Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada

The Government of Canada has released the Strategic Plan for Information Management (IM) and Information Technology (IT) 2017 to 2021, an update to the inaugural Government of Canada Information Technology Strategic Plan 2016-2020, published in June 2016.

This update is an interim step to a larger digital policy and strategy that are currently under development for the 2018 to 2019 fiscal year.

The Strategic Plan sets information, data and technology direction for the GC and identifies enterprise-wide priorities and key activities for departments, agencies and service provider organizations for the next four years.

It creates a framework and sets direction for the GC to become an open and service-oriented organization that provides programs and services to citizens and businesses in simple, modern and effective ways that are optimized for digital and available anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Consistent with the GC’s first Strategic Plan, the following 4 strategic goals frame the direction for the GC: service, value, security and agility.

Four strategic areas of action will achieve these goals over the next four years and beyond. Each area of focus—Service, Manage, Secure, and Community—details specific actions and activities that are underway or that represent new enterprise directions.

  • Service focuses on building and evolving IM-IT foundational elements, including processes, practices and infrastructure, to enable implementation of current capabilities, technologies and solutions.
  • Manage addresses how the management and governance of IM-IT across government ensure that IM-IT investments take advantage of economies of scale, demonstrate value and are sustainable.
  • Security focuses on safeguarding sensitive government data and ensuring that Canadians who access online services can trust the government with their personal information.
  • Community focuses on building a high-performing IM-IT workforce that has the skills and mindset needed to work effectively in an open digital environment and ensuring that public service employees have a modern workplace, professional development and the IM-IT tools they need to do their jobs.

The mission, guiding principles, goals and strategic actions are summarized in the framework for the GC Strategic Plan for IM-IT.

Translating Priorities to Actions: Review how all of the Government of Canada IT plans fit together.

Read the full Government of Canada Strategic Plan for Information Management and Information Technology.


Information Technology Strategic Plan 2016-2020

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