Figure 1: First Nations and Inuit eHealth Infostructure Program (eHIP) - Evaluation – FN&I eHealth Infostructure Sub-Sub-Activity Logic Model

Figure 1: FN&I eHealth Infostructure Sub-Sub-Activity Logic Model
Objective To provide the necessary information technologies (ITs) to allow for an increased capacity to collect, classify, distribute, protect and coordinate health information at the community, regional and national levels, and access health programs and services of similar quality to those available to the general population.
Target Group First Nations living on-reserve



Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration Data Collection, Research and Surveillance

Policy Development
and Knowledge Sharing

  • Telehealth Services (Broadband at health facilities)
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems
  • Training activities
  • Trilateral eHealth Infostructure strategies, plans and approaches
  • Systematic e-Health Infostructure utilization information.
  • Research reports
  • Program guidelines and policies.
  • Data sharing agreements
Immediate Outcomes
  • Improved access to e-Health Infostructure services
  • A workforce that is increasingly comfortable using IT as part of service delivery
  • Increased First Nation awareness of e-Health Infostructure
  • Improved ongoing integrated planning and implementation of complex e-Health systems
  • Increased use of evidence-based information to inform e-Health planning and implementation
  • Greater use of policies, standards and guidelines for IT implementation and use
Intermediate Outcomes
  • Key stakeholders in First Nation and Inuit health are engaged in the integration of health services 3.3.2
  • Increased First Nation management of e-Health Infostructure
  • Increasingly integrated information for continuous improvement in e-Health Infostructure
  • Access to health information 3.2.2
Long Term Outcomes
  • An EHR capacity and capability for FN/I by 2020 and seamless integration with provincial EHR systems
  • Promote innovative integrated health governance relationships  3.3
  • Improved FN/I capacity to influence and/or control (design, deliver, and manage) health programs and services 3.3

Revised as part of the evaluation framework development process - March 2011

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