Terms of Reference: Pest Management Regulatory Agency Water Monitoring Framework for Pesticides Technical Working Group

Last Updated: April 21, 2022

1.0 Introduction

Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) are committed to realizing the commitments from the August 4, 2021 announcement through the following actions:

The Water Monitoring Framework for Pesticides Technical Working Group (WMFP-TWG) will provide a key consultation mechanism to solicit expert feedback on specific areas related to water monitoring.

2.0 Mandate

The WMFP-TWG will provide feedback on technical issues related to developing a national water monitoring framework for pesticides, building on the questions identified in two Discussion Documents:

The WMFP-TWG will also discuss and report back on technical issues identified by the Transformation Steering Committee.

3.0 Membership

The WMFP-TWG composition aims to provide balanced representation from key stakeholder groups and partners. Members were invited to join based on their experience and knowledge related to water monitoring programs and analysis of pesticides in water, and include representation from federal, provincial and territorial governments, registrants, industry associations, growers and other user groups, non-governmental organizations and academia. Members participate on a voluntary basis.

Additional officials from key federal partners including AAFC, ECCC, and Health Canada's Regulatory Operations and Enforcement Branch (ROEB) will also participate.

3.1 Factors Considered

To ensure relevant, broad and diverse perspectives are heard during this consultation process, the following factors were considered to guide membership of the WMFP-TWG:

4.0 Transparency and communications

Use of either of Canada's Official Languages (French or English) is encouraged.

PMRA is committed to openness and transparency as an operating principle. Therefore, these terms of reference will be made public, and the WMFP-TWG meetings will be included in the calendar of events. Meeting materials and any documents shared by Health Canada or by the members will be made available upon request.

Members may speak to the media (including social media) about the WMFP-TWG, but are asked to notify PMRA of any activities.

Information, views and opinions shared with PMRA will not be treated confidentially by PMRA. PMRA will not accept correspondence or documents marked as confidential in this context. Meeting notes or documents provided to PMRA may be released, including in the context of requests under the Access to Information Act.

The personal information you provide to PMRA is collected pursuant to section 4 of the Department of Health Act and the Pest Control Products Act, and is governed in accordance with the Privacy Act.

For more information, refer to the Information and privacy notice specific to the Transformation Agenda of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency posted on Canada.ca.

5.0 Duration

The WMFP-TWG will be in existence for the duration of the engagement on PMRA's Transformation Agenda.

Separate sub-group meetings will be held for representatives from the following groups:

PMRA anticipates a series of meetings that will consist of two to three meetings with a duration of 3 hours each from April to June 2022. Additional meetings will be scheduled if required.

Areas that will be covered include:

Information gathered in these sessions will be used to develop a monitoring framework. The WMFP-TWG will also be tasked with reviewing the draft framework.

In addition to participation in the sessions, WMFP-TWG members are asked to commit an estimated 1-2 hours per week on activities including, but not limited to reviewing background material provided by PMRA in advance of meetings, information gathering, providing feedback or comments.

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