Forward Regulatory Plan 2023-2025: Tents Regulations

Title of Regulatory Initiative

Tents Regulations

Enabling Act

Canada Consumer Product Safety Act


Health Canada is proposing to replace the flammability and labelling requirements under the Tents Regulations  through ambulatory incorporation by reference of a  National Standard of Canada developed by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) entitled CAN/CGSB-182.1-2020, Flammability and Labelling Requirements for Tents.

Health Canada is also proposing to add flammability and labelling requirements under the Toys Regulations  in order to continue regulating play tents not intended to be used as outdoor shelters.

Proposed amendments to the Textile Flammability Regulations will continue to exclude play tents since these products would be regulated for flammability and labelling under the Tents Regulations or the Toys Regulations.

This regulatory initiative is part of Health Canada's Regulatory Stock Review Plan.

This regulatory initiative supports the Minister of Health’s 2021 Mandate letter, which commits to implementing an action plan to protect people in Canada including firefighters, from exposure to toxic flame retardants found in household products.

Regulatory cooperation efforts (domestic and international)

This initiative is not part of a formal regulatory cooperation work plan.

Potential impacts on people in Canada, including businesses

Although modern tents made of synthetic materials are less flammable than traditional cotton canvas tents, they are not fireproof. The amendments to the Tents Regulations will continue to help protect people in Canada from injuries and death caused by tent fires.

Industry members have signalled their desire to start using the National Standard of Canada CAN/CGSB-182.1-2020 as soon as possible. Impacts on the Canadian industry are expected to be low since CAN/CGSB-182.1-2020 uses existing test equipment and procedures required under the current Tents Regulations.


Notice to interested parties was published on the Government of Canada website on January 22, 2019, with a 60-day public comment period. At that time, people in Canada were also invited to provide technical comments on the draft of CAN/CGSB-182.1-2020 to the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB).

Health Canada pre-published the proposed changes in the Canada Gazette, Part I on June 17, 2023, with a 70-day comment period.

Health Canada plans to publish the amended regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part II in fall 2024.

Further information

Related information can be found on the website.

Additional information on this proposal may be requested from the departmental contact.

Departmental contact information

Geoff Barrett
Risk Management Bureau
Consumer and Hazardous Products Safety Directorate
Healthy Environments and Consumer Safety Branch
Health Canada

Telephone: 343-542-3045

Date the regulatory initiative was first included in the Forward Regulatory

February 2021

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