Canadian Pain Task Force and External Advisory Panel Meeting: January 20, 2021

Canadian Pain Task Force Meeting: January 20, 2021, 11:00-13:00 EST
Via videoconference

Meeting Summary



Task Force: Fiona Campbell, Maria Hudspith, Manon Choinière, Michael Sangster, Jaris Swidrovich, Linda Wilhelm, and Hani El-Gabalawy

External Advisory Panel: Norm Buckley, Christine Chambers, Chloe Crosschild, Gilles Lavigne, David Lussier, Justina Marianayagam, Laura Murphy, Steven Passmore, Dean Penney, John Pereira, Patricia Poulin, Kathleen Reid

Regrets: Jennifer Harris, Jacques Laliberté, Colleen Varcoe, Gerald Zamponi

Secretariat: Olanna Barnett, Baies Haqani, Fiona Morrow, Nyree Schreiber, Andrew Taylor, Megan Wyszynski, Lindsey Yessick


Overview of Health Canada direction and revised Phase III mandate

Initial drafting of Phase III report

Breakout work: Overall impressions of the report

Report back: Overall impressions of the report

Next steps and follow-up items

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