Canadian Pain Task Force Meeting: November 17, 2021

Canadian Pain Task Force Meeting: November 17, 2021, 11:00-13:00 EST

Via videoconference

Meeting Summary



Task Force: Fiona Campbell, Maria Hudspith, Manon Choinière, Hani El-Gabalawy, Jacques Laliberté, Michael Sangster, Linda Wilhelm

Secretariat: Olanna Barnett, Sarah Batten, Suzete Dos Santos, Jean-Francois Leroux, Fiona Morrow, Jacqueline Oddi, Lindsey Yessick

Health Canada: Jennifer Novak (Executive Director, Opioid Response Team)


Close-out Message for CPTF Members

Communication Updates

Conferences, Symposium and Roundtable Updates

Planning for the Final Task Force/EAP Meeting

Task Force Roundtable

Closing Remarks

Health Canada provided a final thank you to members for their work and indicated that while the Canadian Pain Task Force mandate may have an end, it also marks the beginning of a new chapter with the implementation of their recommendations.

Task Force co-chairs thanked the group for their hard work, noting that they felt they had established strong connections for future work on pain.

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