Science Advisory Committee on Health Products Containing Cannabis (SAC-HPCC) Subcommittee on Animal Health: Agenda for October 7, 2021 web conference

Purpose: This virtual conference of the SAC-HPCC Subcommittee on Animal Health will aim to advance the review and revision (as necessary) of the worksheets purposed to capture the available evidence supporting the safety and efficacy of cannabis use in various species without veterinarian oversight. In addition, this meeting will provide presentations by the Veterinary Drugs Directorate (VDD) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) on issues related food safety in the context of cannabis, animal health products and animal feed.

Eastern Time (ET)
Agenda - October 7, 2021
12:30pm to 3:30pm ET


12:30 -12:45 pm (15 min)

Welcome and opening remarks
Presenters: Committee Secretariat and Committee Co-Chair

  • Welcome and plan for the day
  • Updates to declarations of affiliations and interests


12:45– 1:45 pm (60 min)

Safety & efficacy worksheets
Lead: Committee Co-Chair, with support from VDD’s Clinical Evaluation Division

Objectives: To continue the review and revision (as required) of the draft worksheets prepared by sub-committee members started on July 27. The goal is to discuss, confirm and “live edit” the worksheets during the meeting.


1:45 – 1:55 pm (10 min)

Short break


1:55 – 2:20 pm (25 min)

Cannabis use in food-producing animals and food safety
Presenter: VDD’s Human Safety Division (Manisha Mehrotra)

Objectives: To present and discuss what is currently known and permitted respecting cannabis use in food-producing animals, potential food safety issues in this context, and VDD’s process for establishing maximum residue limits (MRLs).


2:20 – 2:45 pm (25 min)

Cannabis and animal feed
Presenter: CFIA’s Animal Feed Division (Catherine Italiano)

Objectives: To present the current requirements related to cannabis, industrial hemp, cannabis products and by-products in livestock feed, as well as to discuss key issues and available research in this context.


2:45 – 3:05 pm (20 min)

Discussion/Q&A following presentations in agenda items 4 & 5

Lead: Committee Co-Chair


3:05 – 3:25 pm (20 min)

Adding to the Subcommittee Reflections and Preliminary Conclusions Document
Lead: Committee Co-Chair

Objective: To capture in the memory document the noteworthy elements from today’s discussion.


3:25 – 3:30 pm (5 min)

Closing remarks

Presenter: Committee Co-Chair

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