Science Advisory Committee on Pest Control Products (SAC-PCP) - Meeting Summary

Third meeting, Monday December 5, 2022, 1:00 to 4:00 pm EST
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

List of Participants

SAC-PCP Members

Dr. Valérie Langlois (co-chair)
Dr. Bruce Lanphear (co-chair)
Dr. Maricor Arlos
Dr. Stéphane Bayen
Dr. Kyle Bobiwash
Dr. Eric Liberda
Dr. Christy Morrissey
Dr. Sean Prager
Dr. Xianming Zhang

Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) Executives

Frédéric Bissonnette, Acting Executive Director, PMRA
Manon Bombardier, Assistant Deputy Minister, PMRA Transformation
Ruth Rancy, Director General, Policy and Operations Directorate and Executive Secretary to the SAC-PCP


Jordan Hancey
Shifawn O'Hara
Shannon Seguin
Stephanie Watson
Sophie Ziai

PMRA Presenters

Jason Proceviat
Haris Gisavi
Samira Roufik
Connie Moase
Janine Murray


Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Roundtable Introductions, Co-chairs Address and Review of Affiliations

SAC-PCP's Advice and Recommendations on the First Charge Question on Ministerial Authorizations and the PMRA's Response

A brief overview of the Committee's advice and recommendations, along with the PMRA's response, was presented.

The Secretariat confirmed a summary of the SAC-PCP's recommendations, along with the PMRA's response, will be published online.

Proposed Case Study to Illustrate the Pesticide Registration Lifecycle

The PMRA provided an outline of the pesticide registration lifecycle, and asked the SAC-PCP members if there was any aspect on which they would like to focus. The SAC-PCP Committee members requested more information on certain topics, including re-evaluation, dermal exposure and mitigation measures. The Committee was also interested in seeing how both toxicological and epidemiologic studies are used in re-evaluations. The Committee suggested dedicating 2 hours at a future meeting to this topic.

Charge Question

The PMRA began the presentation by explaining how the continuous oversight model is part of the transformation agenda, which aims to modernize PMRA's business practices over the next year. The presentation continued with an overview of the key aspects of the proposed science literature review strategy that is being developed as part of the continuous oversight approach. Following the presentation of relevant background material, the SAC-PCP was presented their third official charge question:

  • "Will the proposed systematic science literature review strategy help ensure that relevant published scientific literature, which would inform current and future regulatory actions related to pesticides, will be identified and addressed in a timely manner?
  • What further details would the SAC recommend for inclusion in the proposed science literature review strategy?
  • What additional considerations are recommended by the SAC?"

Following the presentation to support the Committee's formulation of advice and recommendations surrounding the charge question, all observers left the meeting so the Committee could begin the in camera discussions.

Question Period and Committee Discussions

The Committee members asked questions pertaining to the charge question, then initiated their discussion to begin formulating their recommendations. Topics of discussion included:

The SAC-PCP agreed to provide its advice to the PMRA in mid-February 2023.

Closing remarks

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