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To advise the Executive Director, Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), on specific ways to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness without compromising health or environmental protection and while maintaining industry competitiveness.

Activities must not encroach on those of the Pest Management Advisory Council (PMAC).


Members of Economic Management Advisory Committee (EMAC) will be users of pest control products and manufacturers who are impacted economically by decisions of the PMRA, and should be strategic thinkers actively involved in their industrial sectors.

The EMAC will be co-chaired by a senior member of staff from the PMRA selected by the Executive Director, PMRA, and a senior member from industry, selected by industry.

The co-chairs will nominate members for EMAC. The industry co-chair is responsible to ensure economic stakeholders are appropriately represented.

The number of EMAC members will not exceed fourteen (14) from users of pest control products and manufacturers, with a maximum of four participants from the PMRA. In order to ensure continuity, each industry member will have an alternate.

Reporting Structure

The EMAC will report to the Executive Director through the co-chairs.

Requests from EMAC members for a formal response from the Executive Director on certain issues will be accommodated as required.


There will be a minimum of two meetings a year. Meetings will be scheduled for the spring (April/May) and fall (September/October) and will as much as possible be agreed upon at each meeting. Additional meetings will be at the call of the co-chairs.

All members/alternates of the Committee will have equal status during discussions.

[Meetings will be open to any observers who indicate their attendance in advance. Interested persons may submit written comments before or after meetings, or make short statements at a specified time during meetings, to the extent that time permits. Observers will not be provided with the documentation provided to members/alternates. The Committee may meet in closed session where necessary to discuss confidential information. The meeting agenda will indicate any closed sessions.] Decision of co-chairs.

Co-chairs and Committee to invoke guests/advisors as needed (no expenses).

Secretariat functions will be provided by the PMRA. The EMAC through the secretariat will provide the following:

  • draft a list of recommendations to serve as measurable objectives (recommendations in the report) for the EMAC;
  • Committee workplan;
  • Report/notes from the meeting;
  • the format of the briefs will be decided by the EMAC Committee;
  • develop a distribution list for the briefs; and
  • establish a protocol for the approval of EMAC meeting summary/meeting reports by the co-chairs.

Security Clearance and Conduct

External advisors who act as committee and working group members will not be required to undergo a security clearance. The documentation/information accessed as a member/alternate will not contain any information which would require a security clearance.

All information provided by the PMRA to the Committee members/alternates for the purpose of performing their function on the Committee, and identified as confidential by the PMRA, must be kept secured and not be disclosed by the members/alternates, or any officer, servant or agent of the members/alternates, until such time as the information has been officially released for public distribution. Disclosure of unreleased information for the purpose of obtaining advice or input from non-members for the benefit of the Committee requires the consent of the Executive Director, PMRA. Unless officially released for public distribution, any information provided must be returned, including documents in electronic form.

Where a document or information is received by the Committee under agreement that the members/alternates are not to have, make or cause any public discussion, disclosure or use of the document or information without the Committee's consent, Committee members/alternates shall be deemed to have undertaken to comply with that agreement.

Committee members may distribute and/or discuss documentation provided in advance of meetings that is not identified as confidential as necessary to properly represent their association or sector at the meeting.

It is a condition of Committee membership that the members/alternates shall conduct themselves in such a manner as to avoid any conflict of interest. For this purpose, it is not a conflict of interest for a member/alternate to provide advice that is intended to produce results that are beneficial to the body or interest which the member/alternate represents on the Committee. As well, the fact that advice provided by a member/alternate for the benefit of the body which the member/alternate represents on the Committee may also benefit the member/alternate in other respects does not constitute a conflict of interest.

It is a conflict of interest for a member/alternate to provide advice that is intended to benefit an interest of the member/alternate that is inconsistent with the interests of the body which the member/alternate represents on the Committee. As well, it is a conflict of interest for a member/alternate to use knowledge or information acquired as a member/alternate of the Committee for the purpose of gaining a direct or indirect financial benefit or business advantage, or to advise special interest groups, before such knowledge or information is acted on by the PMRA or is otherwise disclosed to the interested public by the PMRA.

Each member/alternate of the Committee will receive complete information on obligations with respect to conflict of interest and will be required to complete and sign a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.


Members of EMAC will not be compensated for travel and living expenses according to Treasury Board guidelines. Honoraria will not be paid.

Terms of Office

The terms of office are as follows:

  • 2 years; and
    • staggered membership terms for industry representatives to ensure overlap of terms among members;
    • members will be eligible for re-instatement after their 2 year term.

Before each meeting, membership will be reviewed by the co-chairs to determine which members' terms are coming to an end.

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