Response to Comments Received on PMRL2014-10: Chlorothalonil


In response to the proposed MRL for chlorothalonil (PMRL2014-10) for hazelnuts, a public comment was received regarding the potential for human health and environmental risks associated with exposure to chlorothalonil. This comment was also submitted in response to the Chlorothalonil, Proposed Re-evaluation Decision PRVD2011-14.

PMRA Response:

As the comment received for PMRL2014-10 Chlorothalonil (Hazelnuts) is not related to the proposed maximum residue limit (MRL) for chlorothalonil, it will be addressed under the ongoing re-evaluation for this active. As a result, there are no MRL comments to be considered by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency ( PMRA). In turn, the PMRA  has finalized its decision on the MRL for chlorothalonil, which will be established as proposed in PMRL2014-10.

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