Response to Comment Received on PMRL Consultation for Ethephon (PMRL2014-62)


In response to the proposed MRL for ethephon, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) received a comment from the greenhouse vegetable sector regarding future domestic registrations of ethephon on greenhouse tomatoes.

PMRA Response

In PMRL2014-62, the PMRA is proposing to set MRLs for ethephon on imported commodities, which will permit the import and sale of foods containing ethephon into Canada. In response to the proposed MRLs, the greenhouse vegetable sector proposed ethephon MRLs only be approved if they do not result in a barrier to a Canadian registration of ethephon on greenhouse tomatoes, and that the PMRA work with the US EPA to arrive at a harmonized approach for the regulation and registration of ethephon on greenhouse tomato.

The PMRA appreciates the comment and acknowledges the importance of collaborating with the US EPA through initiatives such as the Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC).

As the comment received had no impact on the proposed MRLs, those have been established as proposed in PMRL2014-62.

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