Response to comments received on PMRL consultation for Boscalid (PMRL2021-26)

The proposed maximum residue limit (MRL) document for boscalid (PMRL2021-26) was published using the term 'caraway seeds', with a corresponding MRL of 30 ppm. This does not reflect the updated term cited in Health Canada's MRL database of 'caraway fruits'.

Response from Health Canada

PMRL2021-26 for boscalid proposed a 30 ppm maximum residue limit for 'caraway seeds'. Health Canada's MRL database has recently been updated, and the crop descriptor for 'caraway seeds' has been revised to 'caraway fruits'.

This change is unlikely to result in any trade impediments given that there are currently no Codex MRLs or American tolerances (our major trading partner) for either 'caraway seeds' or 'caraway fruits' for boscalid.

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Health Canada has informed the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Committee of the World Trade Organization of this matter.

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