Consultation on Dazomet and Its Associated End-use Products, Proposed Re-evaluation Decision, PRVD2018-09

This consultation is now closed.

Dazomet is a registered pesticide used by professional applicators to control insects, nematodes, bacteria, fungi and weeds in soil, to treat fluids in industrial processes and for preservation of materials. Names of products containing dazomet include Basamid, Nalcon and Busan (a full list of registered products can be found in the Pesticides Label Search database).

Following a scheduled re-evaluation under the Re-evaluation Program, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) is consulting Canadians on proposed changes to the way dazomet can be used in soil and industrial processes, to further protect health and the environment. The re-evaluation of the material preservation use is not covered in this proposed decision, but will be addressed in a future document.

Proposed changes include the following, with more described in the consultation document itself:

  • Hazard label statements for all product labels.
  • Additional personal protective equipment for workers handling dazomet for use in water cooling systems and air washers.
  • Closed delivery system for liquid formulations used in industrial process fluids.
  • Precautionary statements regarding the need for adequate ventilation in enclosed facilities for the pulp and paper uses.

For more information on the proposed decision open the “Proposed Re-evaluation Decision”.

How to Get Involved

This consultation is open for comment from 22 March 2018 to 20 June 2018 (90 calendar days).

To comment on PRVD2018-09:

Step 1
Request the full consultation document to read the Science Evaluation that is the basis of this proposed regulatory decision.
Step 2
Submit comments to the PMRA Publications Section.

All comments received will be considered. A final re-evaluation decision will consider additional scientific information provided during the public comment period.
Please refer to the document title (for example: PRVD2018-09, Dazomet and Its Associated End-use Products) when providing comments.

Reporting to Canadians

Health Canada will make the results of this consultation available on this website. Once the decision is finalized, the PMRA will post a Re-evaluation Decision on the Pesticides and Pest Management Reports and Publications portion of

If you have any questions, contact the Pest Management Information Service.

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