List of Products for which the Exclusive Use Period has Expired

This list identifies a listing of all active ingredients that, by 2013, may no longer be eligible for exclusive protection as per Section 17.5 of the  Pest Control Products Regulations . As such, any remaining data used to support the product registration will either be 'compensable' or 'generic', and can be relied upon to support an application to register a product after following the guidelines detailed in DIR2010-04 . This list is updated on a quarterly basis.

Please note the following:

This list is to be used as a guide, and should not be considered as the record of reference for listing Technical Grade Active Ingredients whose exclusive use period has expired.

Also note that under Section 17.5 (3) of the Pest Control Product Regulations, the exclusive use period of an active ingredient may be extended up to five (5) years through the addition of Minor Uses.

As indicated above, this list is to be used as a guide. In order to determine whether or not an Technical Grade active ingredient remains under the exclusive use period, please follow the guidelines as detailed in DIR2010-04.

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