Companion Animals - End Use Products: Data Requirements for Use Site Category (USC # 24)

Companion Animals - End Use Products

Data Requirements for Use Site Category ( USC # 24): Companion Animals - EP
Data Code Title Data required Conditions Volume No and Pages
0 Index R    
1 Label R    
3 Chemistry Requirements for the Registration of Manufacturing Concentrates and End-Use Products Formulated from Registered technical grade of active ingredients or integrated system products      
3.1 Product Identification      
3.1.1 Applicant's Name and Office Address R    
3.1.2 Formulating Plant's Name and Address R    
3.1.3 Trade Name R    
3.1.4 Other Names R    
3.2 Formulation Process      
3.2.1 Description of Starting Materials R    
3.2.2 Description of the Formulation Process R    
3.2.3 Discussion of the Formation of Impurities of Toxicological Concern CR If applicable  
3.3 Specifications      
3.3.1 Establishing Certified Limits R    
3.3.2 Control Product Specification Form R    
3.4 Product Analysis      
3.4.1 Enforcement Analytical Method R    
3.4.2 Impurities of Toxicological Concern CR If applicable  
3.5 Chemical and Physical Properties      
3.5.1 Colour CR Required for manufacturing concentrates only  
3.5.2 Physical State R    
3.5.3 Odour CR Required for manufacturing concentrates only  
3.5.4 Formulation Type R    
3.5.5 Container Material and Description R    
3.5.6 Density or Specific Gravity R    
3.5.7 pH R    
3.5.8 Oxidizing or Reducing Action (Chemical Incompatibility) R    
3.5.9 Viscosity R    
3.5.10 Storage Stability Data R    
3.5.11 Flammability R    
3.5.12 Explodability R    
3.5.13 Miscibility R    
3.5.14 Corrosion Characteristics R    
3.5.15 Dielectric Breakdown Voltage R    
3.6 Sample(s) CR If requested by PMRA  
3.7 Other Studies/Data/Reports CR If available  
4 Toxicology      
4.1 Summaries R    
4.6 Acute Studies - EP      
4.6.1 Acute Oral R    
4.6.2 Acute Dermal R    
4.6.3 Acute Inhalation R    
4.6.4 Primary Eye Irritation R    
4.6.5 Primary Dermal Irritation R    
4.6.6 Dermal Sensitization R    
4.6.7 Potentiation/Interaction CR If available  
4.6.8 Other Acute Studies CR If available  
4.7 Short-term Studies - EP CR Depending on use pattern, required if any component of the EP may increase absorption of the active ingredient (s) or increase toxic or pharmacologic effects  
4.7.1 Short-term Oral (90-day rodent) CR See 4.7  
4.7.2 Short-term Oral (90-day and/or 12-month dog) CR See 4.7  
4.7.3 Short-term Dermal (90-day) CR See 4.7  
4.7.4 Short-term Dermal (21/28-day) CR See 4.7  
4.7.5 Short-term Inhalation (21/28-day) CR See 4.7  
4.7.6 Short-term Inhalation (90-day) CR See 4.7  
4.7.7 Other Special Studies CR See 4.7  
4.8 Other Studies/Data/Reports CR If available  
4.9 Safety to Treated Animals R    
5 Exposure (Occupational and/or Bystander)      
5.1 Summaries R    
5.2 Use Description/Scenario (Application and Post Application) R    
5.4 Mixer/Loader/Applicator- Passive Dosimetry Data R One of 5.4 or 5.5  
5.5 Mixer/Loader/Applicator-Biological Monitoring Data R See 5.4  
5.8 Dermal Absorption CR May be required if the margin of safety is inadequate  
5.9 Dislogeable Residues (Foliar, Soil and Surface) CR Dislodgeable residues from the animals may be required if there is any potential for postapplication exposure  
5.14 Other Studies/Data/Reports CR If available  
10 Value (applicable to each pest/site or host combination)      
10.1 Value Summaries R    
10.2 Efficacy Studies      
10.2.1 Mode of Action R    
10.2.2 Description of Pest Problem R    
10.2.3 Efficacy Trials Summaries R Efficacy: Laboratory, Growth Chamber Trials CR Efficacy: Small-scale Trials (Field, Greenhouse) R One or both of or may be required Operational Trials CR See  
10.3 Adverse Effects on Use Site      
10.3.1 Summaries R    
10.3.2 Non-Safety Adverse Effects [e.g.: to crop, site of application (discoloration, corrosion), etc.] R    
10.3.3 Damage to Rotational Crops CR    
10.4 Economics CR    
10.5 Sustainability      
10.5.1 Survey of Alternatives (chemical and non-chemical) CR    
10.5.2 Compatibility with Current Management Practices Including IPM CR    
10.5.3 Resistance Management CR    
10.5.4 Contribution to Risk Reduction CR    
10.6 Other Studies/Data/Reports CR If available  
12.5 Foreign Reviews      
12.5.3 Foreign Reviews of Chemistry Requirements for MAs and EPs formulated from registered TGAIs or ISPs      
12.5.4 Foreign Reviews of Toxicology      
12.5.5 Foreign Reviews of Exposure (Occupational and/or Bystander)      
12.5.10 Foreign Reviews of Value      
12.7 Comprehensive Data Summaries      
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