Registration Decision RD2016-06, (S)-Methoprene

Pest Management Regulatory Agency
18 February 2016
ISSN: 1925-0940 (PDF version)
Catalogue number: H113-25/2016-6E-PDF (PDF version)

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Registration Decision StatementFootnote 1for (S)-Methoprene

Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act and  Regulations, is granting full registration for the sale and use of Precor Insect Growth Regulator, and Altosid Beef 2% MUP, containing the technical grade active ingredient (S)-methoprene. Altosid Beef 2% MUP will be used to manufacture the feed product Altosid Beef Cattle Mineral to control horn flies on beef cattle, which is exempt from registration under the Pest Control Products Act in accordance with paragraph 4(1)(b) of the Pest Control Product Regulations, and, more specifically, Schedule 2, Section 1.

This decision is consistent with the Proposed Registration Decision PRD2016-21, (S)-methoprene, whichcontains a detailed evaluation of the information submitted in support of this registration. The evaluation found that, under the approved conditions of use, the products have value and do not present an unacceptable risk to human health or the environment. The PMRA received no comments on PRD2016-21, (S)-methoprene.

Other Information

The relevant test data on which the decision is based (as referenced in PRD2016-21, (S)-methoprene) are available for public inspection, upon application, in the PMRA's Reading Room (located in Ottawa). For more information, please contact the PMRA's Pest Management Information Service by phone (1-800-267-6315) or by e-mail (

Any person may file a notice of objectionFootnote 2regarding this registration decision within 60 days from the date of publication of this Registration Decision. For more information regarding the basis for objecting (which must be based on scientific grounds), please refer to the Pesticides and Pest Management portion of the Health Canada's website (Request a Reconsideration of Decision) or contact the PMRA's Pest Management Information Service.

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