ARCHIVED - 3. List of Medical Devices for Exceptional Importation and Sale [2020-04-16]

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Drugs included on this list are called “designated drugs” and are eligible for the exceptional importation and sale provisions provided for in the Interim Order. The list, which will be updated as required, is incorporated by reference in the IO and is maintained by Health Canada.

Supersedes: 2020-04-10
Date issued: 2020-04-11

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List of Drugs for Exceptional Importation and Sale
Drug or Class of Drug; Brand Name, Medicinal Ingredient(s) Dosage Form, Strength, Route of Administration Country of Origin and Identifying Code Name of Importer Batch Number Date
Non-Woven Face Masks 1 China Shenzhen Delong Huale Electronic Co. Ltd MDEL 2332 2020-04-10
Non-Woven Face Masks 1 China Xiantao Xingrong Protective Products Co., Ltd. MDEL 2332 2020-04-10
Face Mask for Single Use 1 China Wuxi Yushou Medical Appliances Co., Ltd. MDEL 11700 2020-04-10
N95 Respirators 1 China Suzhou Fangtian Industries Co., Ltd. MDEL 11700 2020-04-11
N95 Respirators 1 China Makrite Industries Inc. MDEL 11700 2020-04-11

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