Access Consortium regulators pledge support to tackle COVID-19

The Access Consortium regulatory authoritiesFootnote 1 have pledged our collective support in countering the COVID-19 global pandemic.

To address this worldwide public health crisis, Access Consortium members are collaborating to advance the regulatory science needed to support the rapid development of diagnostic tests, as well as vaccines and treatments against COVID-19. Members are committed to sharing vital information as we all investigate and evaluate medical products for quality, safety and efficacy, and strive to ensure that the benefits of any new medical product outweigh its risks.

During these unprecedented times, the Consortium is building on its proven ability to benefit from work-sharing that has recently led to the approval of numerous medicines. Consortium members remain committed to review and collaborate on COVID-19 vaccine candidates and treatment options, with the goal of expediting their review and availability on the market. Through this partnership, Access will reduce regulatory duplication and increase each agency's capacity to ensure that, globally, there is access to high-quality, safe and effective solutions to address the COVID-19 emergency.

We remain committed to work together to find innovative solutions to counter COVID-19, the largest, most severe and most complex international disease outbreak in a generation.

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