Drug shortages in Canada: Multi-stakeholder steering committee

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Drug shortages are a complex, global problem involving all stakeholders across the drug supply chain. The Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee on Drug Shortages (MSSC) was assembled in 2012 to address drug shortages at the national level. The MSSC is co-chaired by Health Canada and a rotating provincial/territorial co-chair. It includes representatives from industry associations, federal, provincial and territorial governments, health professional associations and patients.


The MSSC meets 2 to 3 times a year and more frequently if needed. Members discuss specific shortages of concern, shortage mitigation and prevention measures and overarching policy issues related to shortages. The group is an important venue for sharing information, collaborating and engaging on matters related to drug shortages.

The MSSC has created two important resources for understanding and mitigating drug shortages in Canada:

Together, the toolkit and protocol establish a common understanding and expectations to support coordinated multi-stakeholder communication and engagement for managing and mitigating drug shortages in Canada.

MSSC members also identify supply chain tools and actions that might help prevent and mitigate drug shortages. To help health care providers use contracts and the procurement process to communicate expectations to suppliers and distributors on safeguarding the drug supply, the MSSC produced the following guidance document:


The MSSC is made up of the following organizations:

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