Scientific Advisory Panel on Diclectin (SAP-Diclectin)

Agenda for June 2nd, 2016

Place: Room 2048, 2nd floor, Tower B, Holland Cross 1600 Scott Street Ottawa
Date and Time: June 2nd, 2016, 9:00am to 4:00pm, EST

Chairperson: Mitchell Levine
Science Advisor: Conrad Pereira
Science and Regulatory Officers: Osama Wahid, Shelley Wagner
Participants: SAP-Diclectin, Health Canada, Stakeholders

Agenda for June 2nd, 2016
Number Time Description
1. 09:00-09:05Footnote *
(5 min)
Welcome and Opening remarks
John Patrick Stewart, Director General, Marketed Health Products Directorate
2. 09:05-09:15
(10 min)
Introduction of Members, Review of Mandate, Associations/Affiliations and Agenda
Chair - Mitchell Levine
3. 09:15-10:00
(45 min)
Health Canada Presentation
Questions from Panel members
4. 10:00-10:15
(15 min)
Health break
5. 10:15-11:00
(45 min)
Stakeholder presentation - N. Persaud
Questions from Panel members
6. 11:00-11:45
(45 min)
Stakeholder Presentation - Duchesnay representative
Questions from Panel members
Footnote 1

Times indicated are to be used as a guide for the Chairperson and are approximate.

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External Presentations Conclude - Stakeholders asked to leave
Number Time Description
7. 11:45-12:45
(60 min)
Lunch (Panel)
8. 12:45- 03:45
(180 min)
Panel members
9. 03:45-03:55
(10 min)
Summary of Recommendations
10. 03:55-04:00
(5 min)
Closing Remarks and Adjournment of Meeting Chair

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