Guide to reporting medical device shortages and discontinuations: What happens to your report

Manufacturers and importers are responsible for sending medical device shortage and discontinuation reports to Health Canada. We will review this information to determine if the reported shortage meets the statutory definition of a shortage and similarly, if a reported discontinuation meets the definition of a discontinuation.

We will post certain information about confirmed medical device shortages and discontinuations on the List of shortages and discontinuations (section 62.25).

This information is used to:

Each device posted on the List of shortages and discontinuations is linked to a detailed report. The reports contain the following information:

Additional information used to confirm the existence of a shortage is not posted on the report online.

Health Canada actively monitors the status of reported shortages and discontinuations and regularly updates the List of shortages and discontinuations as information is received from the manufacturer or importer.

However, the detailed reports that are linked from this list, which include specific information related to the device that is in shortage or discontinued, will not be updated.

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