Medical device shortage: InTube Tracheal Tube, Cuffed

The InTube Tracheal Tube, Cuffed is currently reported as a medical device shortage under sections 62.21 to 62.26 of the Medical Devices Regulations. For a full list of shortages, refer to the List of shortages and discontinuations.

Posted on 2023-11-20 Footnote 1

Type of report

Actual medical device shortage

Name of medical device (including any component, accessory or part that is in shortage, including the model name) if applicable

InTube Tracheal Tube, Cuffed

Other names (for example trade name), if applicable


Package description (for example, packaging formats, sizes, quantities)

Box of 10

Class of medical device (I, II, III or IV), if known

Class II

Device identifier(s) (for example, serial number, catalogue number, part number, model number or unique device identifier)
  • 8040060
  • 8040065
  • 8040070
  • 8040080
Medical device licence number (for Class II, III and IV), if applicable


Authorization identification number (for devices authorized for importation or sale under an interim order made under section 30.1 of the Food and Drugs Act), if applicable


Single-use product


Importers that have reported the shortage (Names of importers listed who have reported the shortage separately from the manufacturer or who are reporting on behalf of the manufacturer in a delegated capacity), if applicable

Intersurgical Ltd

Manufacturer's name

Intersurgical Ltd

Manufacturer's mailing address

Crane House, Molly Millars Lane
Wokingham, BK
Great Britain
RG41 2RZ

Reason for shortage

Increase in demand for the medical device

Footnote 1

This date reflects when a shortage report is first posted online. This page includes specific information related to the device that is in shortage. Updates to the status and end date of a shortage can be found on the List of shortages webpage.

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