Bioassay Laboratory

The Bioassay Laboratory is the Section of the National Calibration Reference Centre for Bioassay and In Vivo Monitoring (NCRC) that provides in vitro radiobioassay services and programs.

This section provides information on our non-Quality Assurance (QA) activities which include:

  • Research into radionuclide metabolism and biokinetics;
  • Research on the health effects of internal radioactive contamination;
  • Training, upon request from national or international partners, on bioassay techniques and internal dosimetry;
  • Bioassay measurements and internal dose assessment for suspected radionuclide intakes;
  • Bioassay and internal dosimetry support for Canada's federal nuclear emergency plan;
  • Participation in the development of national and international standards for radiation protection;
  • Methods development in support of our programs; and
  • Special independent or collaborative projects.

QA and bioassay intercomparison programs are described in the NCRC section.

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