ARCHIVED - Percentage of Adults with a Usual Intake of Moisture below the Adequate Intake in Canada

Please Note: The CCHS 2.2 does not include data from the Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory or Nunavut. However, the target population covered by the survey represents approximately 98% of the population of the 10 provinces and is thus considered a national survey.

Percentage of adults age 19 and over with a usual intake of moisture above the AI (males)

Newfoundland & Labrador 11.7E
Prince Edward Island 11.2E
Nova Scotia 21.8E
New Brunswick 27.6
Quebec 20.8
Ontario 16.4
Manitoba 17.8
Saskatchewan 16.7E
Alberta 20.0
British Columbia 34.1
All of Canada 20.8

Note: E - Data with a coefficient of variation (CV) from 16.6% to 33.3%; interpret with caution.

Download these data as a Microsoft Excel file. The Excel file also contains a confidence interval and coefficient of variation for each estimate. This information contributes to a better understanding of the estimates.

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